Recabuk News

Tackling the challenges of greenhouse robotics

For millennia, humans have endeavoured to artificially control growing environments to boost crop and plant growth. Today, the most common form of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is the greenhouse.


Finding Data Has Never Been Easier

Selecting appropriate product data in engineering is often time consuming. However, the new EPLAN Data Portal, with a new user interface and improved search algorithms, makes it easier and faster than ever before. Expanded search parameters mean that users can quickly find exactly the components they are looking for. Individualised solutions based on configurators can be intuitively generated – as demonstrated by the Lenze product configurator.

Forsee Power News

Forsee Power announces the takeover of Holiwatt,a specialist in rail energy storage and fast charging systems

Forsee Power, the expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility announces the takeover of the assets of Holiwatt (formerly Centum Adetel Transportation), a specialist in rail energy storage and fast charging systems established in Ecully, near Lyon

GE News

GE Renewable Energy announces joint development agreement for weather technology with Whiffle

GE Renewable Energy announced today that it has entered into an Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with Whiffle, a Netherlands-based weather forecasting technology firm, for application of Whiffle’s ultra-fine atmospheric Large Eddy Simulation (LES) modeling for GE’s wind energy applications.

Phoenix Contact News

Configurator for circuit breaker system

You can configure the appropriate overcurrent protection for your special application in no time at all with the new online configurator for the Caparoc circuit breaker system.

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