Hepco Motion News

Long, difficult and dirty: A linear guide system for a complex setup

Spie GmbH are responsible for the repair, maintenance and refurbishment of machinery for a leading train manufacturer in Germany. They were faced with a difficult problem: an old DUO welding system was broken down more than it was in operation and it was giving the company a constant headache.

Bihl + Wiedemann News

IO-Link with Bihl+Wiedemann: Easy, Flexible & Cost-efficient

Do you already use the manufacturer-independent IO-Link interface to connect sensors and actuators to the control system level? Bihl+Wiedemann IO-Link solutions are user-friendly and cost-saving at the same time. With ASi-5, it is possible to integrate any IO-Link device into ASi and to configure it with up to 32 bytes of process data.

ST News

STMicroelectronics’ Latest Time-of-Flight Sensor Enables Multi-Object Ranging for Next-Gen Industrial and Personal Electronics Applications

STMicroelectronics, a world leader in Time-of-Flight (ToF) solutions with over one billion devices delivered for various applications, has extended the capabilities of its FlightSense ToF ranging sensors by introducing the VL53L3CX with patented histogram algorithms that allow measuring distances to multiple objects as well as increasing accuracy.

Renishaw News

New absolute scale joins RKL family of encoder scales

The new RKLA substrate mastered encoder scale is designed to adopt the thermal behaviour of the underlying substrate. It is compatible with Renishaw's RESOLUTE absolute encoder series.

Toshiba News

A MOSFET gate driver switch IPD for automotive high current applications : TPD7106F

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched “TPD7106F”: a gate driver switch IPD[1] that controls conduction and shut-off of current that is supplied for automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs) such as junction boxes and body control modules.

Gefran News


Gefran announced the release of the new App for QE1008-W, a system measuring deformation in injection moulding applications, created by Sensormate - a company of the Gefran Group operating in the development, production and sale of industrial sensors.


Hygiene articles immediately: Select at the touch of a button and pay without contact

Against the backdrop of the continued spreading of the COVID19 pandemic, the HARTING Technology Group has delivered its first automatic hygiene items dispenser. The automatic unit, produced under the name "HARTING Prevent", provides various hygiene articles for immediate use, which can be selected at the touch of a button and paid for contact-free.

Toshiba News

Bidirectional TVS diode with a higher peak pulse current rating that contributes to improving reliability of the IC's power supply lines : DF2B5PCT, DF2B7PCT

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched bidirectional TVS diodes (ESD protection diodes), “DF2B5PCT” and “DF2B7PCT”, which have increased the peak pulse current rating of standard capacitance types suitable for power supply lines of ICs.

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