SICK’s Active Forklift Assistance Warns Operators When Reversing

SICK has developed a customisable, active collision warning system for manned forklifts, the SICK Backup Assistance System (BAS), which alerts drivers to prevent collisions with people or objects, where their view is restricted for example by blind spots or during reversing.

EUAutomation News

Overcoming challenges in cobot implementation

In the last ten years, collaborative robots have become almost as ubiquitous as industrial robots, with companies citing increased productivity as the reason for choosing them, according to robotics manufacturer Robotiq.

Intersec News

Network operators follow MoI lead in partnering with Intersec to deliver €50 million public warning system

Responding to the European Commission mandate to establish a public warning system in case of a terrorist attack, France has set a significant procurement benchmark that establishes higher requirements and standards in deploying cutting-edge technology solutions.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

Drive through control

Automatic photo portal for the documentation of intralogistics processes. Automatic quality assurance solution analyses & documents the condition of goods and products

MTU News

Rolls-Royce Power Systems sets out road map for climate-neutrality with ‘Net Zero at Power Systems’ - Major reduction in emissions by 2030

Rolls-Royce Power Systems is taking the next step towards a climate-neutral future. By 2030, the Rolls-Royce business unit is to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 35% compared to its 2019 level through the use of new net zero and cero carbon technologies.

ASC News

For even more precise navigation: the new ASC IMU 8

Both the gyroscopes and the accelerometers now feature additional measuring ranges. Repeated improvement of the gyroscope performance allows extremely precise position measurements

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