Gossen Metrawatt News

Ultra-compact MID-certified energy meters

Gossen Metrawatt expands its range of MID-certified active energy meters, introducing the new, especially compact and cost-effective METRALINE ENERGY series.

Delta Electronics

Delta and Rubicon Partner to Create Swift and Relaxing EV Charging Experience at Thanda Tau

According to JD Power, a research firm monitoring consumer sentiment, Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers consistently express dissatisfaction with the speed of public charging and the availability of activities and facilities. Therefore, many premium automotive brands are now identifying sites where EV-driving customers can enjoy an optimised charging experience. Typically, those sites are capable of housing multiple EV chargers, while also offering the comfort and convenience of coffee shops, restaurants and stores to visit while their vehicle charges. This provides both charging peace-of-mind for drivers and creates additional commercial opportunities for charging operators.


Quickparts UK Announces Keynote Speaker and Case Study Presentations for Open House Event on December 6, 2023

Quickparts UK, a leading provider of manufacturing services supporting the product development cycle from prototyping to production, is excited to announce the lineup of distinguished speakers for its upcoming Open House event on 6th December, 2023.

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