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Carel News

Highly-efficient solutions for painting: a new white paper from CAREL

The CAREL Group has today published a new white paper on humidity, temperature and heat recovery control in painting processes, to disseminate knowledge that can be useful in reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, as well as obtain high-quality and long-lasting coatings.

Mettler Toledo Info

How Distributed Control Can Enhance Manufacturing Agility

Many industrialized countries are facing a critical shortage of high-tech engineers. To combat these labor challenges, many companies are increasingly choosing new technologies that expand productivity, decrease labor and engineering costs, increase uptime, and slash error rates. One way to achieve this is through a distributed control architecture, comprised of a network of interconnected controllers, computers, and other automation devices used to monitor and precisely control production processes.

NEC Corporation News


NEC announced the publication of "Realizing a ‘Well-Being Society’ through the Digitalization of Government and Finance – The Future of DGDF -" a white paper covering the areas of digital government and digital finance (DGDF).

MSA Safety Info

Protocol Translation: Why One-Box Connectivity Is Better than Two

Download the FieldServer Multi- Protocol IIot Gateway & Cloud Solution brochure and learn how easy it is to deploy it in your projects to learn more about MSA’s proven one-box solutions that use your existing devices and applications without big, expensive add-ons.

Kollmorgen EU

Advanced Surgical Robots: Designing Compact, Powerful Motion for the Next Generation

Conventional surgical robots include large columns with multiple arms holding tiny cameras and various instruments such as scissors, graspers, needle holders, clip applicators and more. For the greatest flexibility in performing procedures, surgeons want the freedom to manipulate these instruments at their chosen angle, without constraint.

Kollmorgen EU


An aging population, a growing burden of disease, continuous development of new clinical applications, and global advancements in the standards of disease prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment.


Kollmorgen Motors for Defense

Proven Processes, Reliable Delivery.

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