Beckhoff News

Power for the dark days

By Stephen Hayes, managing director of automation and control technology specialist, Beckhoff UK, argues that it requires control technology to maximise the use of stored energy and ensure grid stability.

Antaira News

Understanding the Basics of Remote Input/Outputs with Antaira

To navigate the world of industrial control and automation successfully, it’s important to have a strong comprehension of what I/O or "input/output" means.

Carel News

CAREL and SECO working together to develop an innovative solution in the conditioning and refrigeration industry

CAREL and SECO, leading provider of end-to-end technological solutions for industrial digitalization, have signed an agreement to develop a new solution to support the digital transformation of the infrastructures in the segments where CAREL operates.

Marel News


Marel has launched an innovative pilot project to explore the use of sustainably produced “green” steel in manufacturing.

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