MapleSim Helps Reduce Development Time for ABB Crane Systems and Saves Money for its Customers

Millions of shipping containers pass through sea ports each year, carrying anything from machinery and auto parts to shoes, toys, and frozen food. At modern ports, containers are unloaded onto docks, and then moved to stacking yards where Automatic Stacking Cranes and Ship to Shore Cranes stack them until they are ready to be loaded onto trucks or train cars. Containers must be moved quickly and accurately without interference from other containers, cranes, or vehicles. Any delays reduce profitability for the port, especially at large ports that move thousands of containers each day.



STAGEMAKER SR, Verlinde's "show" hoist range, now boasts the STAGEMAKER SR1, a version for small loads of up to 250kg with one fall (500 kg with 2 falls). Very light in weight (10.5 kg) and very compact, STAGEMAKER SR1 can be easily inserted in a 12" aluminium steel girder. Fitted as standard with a double brake system, it integrates the CHAINFlux ® special chain guide, the Perfect Push ® patented hoist load wheel, and protective rubber pads on the hook blocks.

NORD Drivesystems

Low-maintenance drives for food processing

Bargteheide – At the Anuga FoodTec exhibition in Cologne, Germany, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will present distributed drive concepts that meet the typical demands of the food industry. Variable-speed drives with IP66/IP69K ingress protection are suitable for processes that require regular cleaning with high-pressure steam jets. All components are manufactured in-house: gearboxes, smooth-surface motors, and frequency inverters. The nsd tupH anti-corrosion treatment gives the aluminum housings a smooth and durable surface. Even blows and scratches do not impair the corrosion resistance. Since no coating is applied but the surface itself is hardened, there can be no pollution of products or process media as for instance with chipping paint. The nsd tupH treatment is approved for food applications according to FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300. Trade show visitors will be able to see nsd tupH drives that have performed in a salty atmosphere for one year and were removed for demonstration purposes. In contrast to painted drives, these units have not corroded. Due to their superior resilience, nsd tupH drives require minimal maintenance and have a long service life. The comprehensive NORD gearbox program enables drive configurations exactly tailored to the particular demand while at the same time supporting an easy variant management.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

WME Series

The SOURIAU (part of Esterline Connection Technologies) WME cable connector series is uniquely approved by the EN 16330 for both outside and inside cabin connectivity. This European Standard applies to power systems, drive implements and attachments such as street cleaning brushes, snow plows, etc. The purpose of this standard is to ensure interchangeability of vehicles and implements to resolve both the compatibility issue and ensure safety of the installers and workers. The WME Series services a wide field of harsh environment applications from winter and road service vehicles to agricultural, mining and mobile machinery.


EUROCHAIN VR Stainless Steel

EUROCHAIN VR, VERLINDE's new range of electric chain hoists, has been widened to include the Stainless Steel model designed for food industry applications. Chain and hook made of stainless steel and motor tropicalized, it is offered with numerous options specific to the market, such as food grade biodegradable grease or an ATEX compliant version, and can handle loads from 63 to 1250 kg. With its new, entirely ergonomic design, EUROCHAIN VR offers numerous innovations ensuring best safety levels and facilitating maintenance.


ZHV INOX chain manual hoist and CHZ INOX manual trolley

Designed for food industry applications, ZHV INOX and CHZ INOX are listed in Verlinde's Food Process equipment range. The food grade 314/316L stainless steel manual hoist and trolley were designed for the handling of loads from 500 to 1000 kg.

Morgan Advanced Materials


Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defence Systems business has introduced a buoyant, lightweight rifle plate insert for military and security personnel which is capable of stopping 7.62mm rifle ammunition yet is still less than 1kg in weight.

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