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New access points for the wireless network sWave.NET®

Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials Announces Ceramic Acoustic Reflector Manufacturing Capability for Flow Metering

Morgan Advanced Materials has developed the capability to produce complex ceramic acoustic reflectors used in ultrasonic flow meters, drawing on pioneering research carried out in conjunction with Loughborough University, ensuring consistent measurement accuracy over a longer projected lifespan.


New CleverLevel LBFS models with more interfaces for optimized communications

Baumer has expanded the successful CleverLevel series with two new variants – the LBFH and LBFI. They are available with two switching outputs, qTeach and a 360° output status indicator. In the same way as their predecessors the level switches are based on frequency deviation technology and are suitable for both hygiene and industrial applications.

NORD Drivesystems

Versatile new plug&play-enabled distributed drives

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presents the newly developed NORDAC LINK series field distribution systems. These new AC vector drives and motor starters are in the final phase of field tests. Serial production will commence early in 2017. Coded plug-in connectors for power, communications, sensors, and actuators enable fast, safe installation and commissioning. LEDs that indicate switching states, operation modes, and signal states allow operators to diagnose errors directly on site. Maintenance and control switches on the device facilitate plant servicing and system set-up. Designed for flexible configuration, NORDAC LINK drives are especially suitable for conveying applications, but can also be used with other machines and systems. Integrated functionality ranges from rotary encoder support and brake management to PI control and sequence control through an integrated PLC. The drives feature a high overload capacity. They enable very precise control of either asynchronous or synchronous motors and reliably deliver full torque even at zero speed. Moreover, the drives provide extensive monitoring functions to protect the mains, the motor, and the driven machine. Power supply can be daisy-chained from one drive to the next. This greatly reduces the cabling effort and costs, particularly in complex applications with hundreds of drive axes.

NORD Drivesystems

Here's to a long product life!

Smooth-surface motors in the malt house


Free Network Licence for up to 300 Students

Eplan Education, the training concept for schools and colleges, includes software solutions in the areas of electrical, fluid power, ICA and control cabinet engineering. Previously limited to 25 slots, Eplan Education Campus now has an expanded network licence with 300 slots. The licence is made available on a central server and can be used across institutions around the entire campus. This provides education facilities around the world the opportunity to fully train on the software.

Delta Electronics

Delta’s Extended Portfolio of Smart Industrial Automation, Telecom Power and UPS Solutions Demonstrated at Matelec Industry 2016 in Spain

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, announced it joins Matelec Industry 2016 to demonstrate its smart and energy-efficient Industrial Automation, Telecom Power and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Solutions which facilitate productivity improvement for its customers in the Iberian Peninsula. A wide range of industrial applications can benefit from our Integrated Factory Control Platform, a platform designed for smart manufacturing by leveraging the DIACloud* cloud service system and Delta’s communication, control and field devices for real-time monitoring and control. Our Telecom Power Solutions, featuring industry-leading energy efficiency of up to 97.5% and compatibility with renewable energy sources, are also part of Delta’s key pillars for sustainable development.


Go for zero with on-site safety sign printing

Whenever a risk emerges in the workplace, it often takes a long time to order and wait for new safety signs that can warn co-workers about danger and instruct them on how to avoid an accident. By using a professional safety sign printer and software, companies can design, print and implement new signs a lot faster in order to support their Go for zero programme and avoid workplace accidents.

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