Quality performance of Verlinde motors and hoists in a mould handling facility

SIPA (Società Industrializzazione Progettazione Automazione) is an engineering firm in the Zoppas Industries group whose specialty is the production of flexible integrated automation systems. 1986 marked a strategic milestone when an American firm granted the company a licence to produce PET containers using the single phase process. The company is now a world leader for the development and supply of integrated systems for the manufacture of PET preforms and plastic containers; it is also a world performer for 2-stage preform manufacturing and for blow moulding. SIPA supplies both the large Italian groups and numerous multinationals in industries related to mineral water, beverages and prepared foods.


Innovative frost protection thermostat: frostTHERM-Ats

High protection class, latest connection technology as well as frost protection monitoring over a large surface area are the most prominent equipment features of JUMO's new frostTHERM-ATs. To prevent damage caused by frost, it monitors the temperature of the air flow entering the water-air heater in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

K1 Qualification of 8NA Series junction boxes for EPR

SOURIAU has obtained K1 qualification of new 8NA Series junction boxes, especially developed for EPR programs (European Pressurized Reactor).

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

KABELSCHLEPP presents special cable carrier chain for ATEX applications

A cable and hose management solution has been needed for an automated drill rod handling system on a Bauer deep drilling rig. Other than performance and ATEX-conformity, also longevity and service life were of importance. A KABELSCHLEPP hybrid energy drag chain now delivers all requirements.


Weidmüller's 'WM4 Photovoltaic' plug connectors: the reliable plug connectors for fast and safe connectivity in photovoltaic systems. – Two versions: field and device connectors. – Huge connection capacity featuring a single crimp contact solution. TUV ap

Weidmüller's portfolio of products offers a broad spectrum of innovative and reliable components for installing photovoltaic systems. Designed specifically for use in photovoltaic systems Weidmüller offers two different versions of its 'WM4' plug connector – field and device/enclosure connectors. Operating solar systems demands reliability, safety and first-class performance of all the products – from the modules right down to individual connectors. Low contact resistance, first class workmanship and easy handling are distinguishing features indicating the right choice of connector. And it is exactly these requirements that both versions of the 'WM4' plug connector for photovoltaic systems fulfil. Not only are they supplied in proven Weidmüller quality they are also compatible with most connector mating profiles on the market today. 'WM4' plug connectors are designed with a huge connection capacity: a single crimp contact suffices to connect 4 mm² and 6 mm² conductor cross-sections. 'WM4' plug connectors are rated for current loads of up to 30 A. The rated voltage is 1000 VDC (IEC). When mated the 'WM4' field connector is sealed to IP 67 and the device/enclosure connector to IP 65. The 'WM4' is TUV approved and DIN EN 50521 compliant.


Weidmüller's FieldPower® LED: FieldPower® LED – the robust illumination solution – also ideal for wind turbines. – Energy-efficient basic illumination and a long-lasting service life.

Weidmüller's newly developed FieldPower® LED has been designed for highly efficient and long-term luminous efficacy on the one hand and for deployment in harsh conditions on the other. These design features ensure the FieldPower® LED provides energy-efficient basic illumination in conjunction with an extended service life and facilitate rapid, error-free connection to the power bus. Moreover, this illuminating solution withstands even the harshest of conditions that prevail in the rotor hub of wind turbines, such as extreme shocks and temperatures. Designed to be extremely shock and vibration proof to EN 60721-3-3, Class 3M3 (mechanical conditions) it is possible to operate the FieldPower® LED in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +55 °C. A wide input range of 110 to 265 V AC ensures it is possible to utilize the FieldPower® LED in applications across the globe. The integrated power LEDs offer a significantly longer service life as well as greater energy efficiency than fluorescent or energy-saving bulbs. Each FieldPower® LED reliably delivers the 10 and 50 lux light levels required by EN 50308: Wind Turbines. A special FieldPower® base facilitates routing pre-assembled and terminated cables into the pitch box with IP65 rating. A lid with integrated LEDs provides illumination inside the hub. The low power consumption of the LEDs results in only a low voltage drop in the cable, a fact that facilitates long power bus supply lines utilising conductor cross-sections of 2.5 mm² to 6 mm². A non-detachable, 2-meter cable from Heluwind (WK 103w-T 3G1.5 – AD 8 mm) is standard supply.


Weidmüller's Power over Ethernet switches: managed and unmanaged 6-port switches with four PoE+ ports. – New PoE+ Industrial Ethernet switches for industrial communication applications.

Weidmüller's product portfolio of Basic Line (unmanaged) and Premium Line (managed) switches includes Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches to meet the needs of industrial communication applications. Managed and unmanaged 6-port switches with four PoE+ ports are available. Utilizing the same cable Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches supply the required operating power to PoE enabled Ethernet components in parallel to data traffic. Typical PoE enabled connectivity components include WLAN access points, IP telephony and IP cameras. Routing data and power transmissions in parallel considerably reduces wiring costs. All PoE switches are operated from 24 V and supply PoE enabled Ethernet devices with up to 30 W of input power. This designed-in feature eliminates the need for an additional 48 V power supply module, which is required for most industrial PoE switches. Moreover, the managed-version supports remote on/off and reset control of connected PoE enabled end devices, for example via SNMP, WEB interface or HMI/SCADA systems in combination with SNMP or OPC. 6-port IEEE 802.3af/at PoE+ managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches boast four integrated IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PoE and Ethernet combo ports. Weidmüller's managed and unmanaged PoE Ethernet switches have extensive international approvals and certificates of conformity such as CE, FCC, UL/cUL Class I Div. 2 / Atex, DNV / GL.


Weidmüller's 'FreeCon Active Repeater': PROFINET POF Repeater for diagnosing light signals. – Complies with AIDA specifications (Automation Initiative of the German Automotive Industry). – Multifunctional tool HTX-IE POF for terminating SC-RJ connectors.

With its 'FreeCon Active Repeater' Weidmüller offers a POF repeater with an integrated diagnostic function for deployment in PROFINET networks. Today, fibre-optics based on polymer optical fibres (POF) are increasingly being used, not only because they are immune to electromagnetic interference but because they are also able to meet the demands of automated applications for greater data volumes. However, these fibres are subject to a natural aging process, which successively increases fibre attenuation. That in turn increases the need for exact diagnostics of the transmission path. Weidmüller developed the 'FreeCon Active Repeater' in response to this need: to guarantee reliable transmission of the Ethernet data being transmitted the 'FreeCon Active' checks the entire transmission path in real time with regard to its optical budget – for example, from the electrical cabinet to the head of the robot. The device sends an alarm signal to a higher-level controller if a defined tolerance level is exceeded and the user needs to replace the cable set. By continuously checking the attenuation of fibre-optic transmission paths 'FreeCon Active Repeaters' now make it possible for the first time ever to precisely plan when to replace robot cable sets. The PROFINET POF repeater complies with AIDA specifications (Automation Initiative of the German Automotive Industry). In conjunction with the 'HTX-IE POF' multifunctional tool, which is designed to ensure rapid and repeatable preparation and termination procedures for SC-RJ type connectors, Weidmüller offers a complete all-round package of components for transmission solutions based on POF cabling.

VEGA Grieshaber KG

Proven in practice

VEGAPULS WL 61 is the first radar level sensor developed especially for the water/sewage sector. Compared to classic measuring techniques, such as ultrasonic, this modern technology delivers far more reliable measurement data and has proven highly successful in everyday operation.



The EKS Light from EUCHNER is a transponder-based access control system consisting of two components: an Electronic-Key with RFID transponder and an Electronic-Key adapter with integral read unit. The EKS Light was designed particularly for smaller, decentralized applications to permit reliable controlled access to individual machines or to entire installations there as well. The new FSA version of the EKS Light was specially developed to solve the widespread problem involving tampering of safety guards.

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