Scott Safety - 3M

New decontamination solution from Scott Safety to revolutionise the fire market

A new portable airborne and surface decontamination solution from Scott Safety is achieving a fire industry first – decontamination of chemical, biological and radiological vapours, liquids and particles simultaneously in as little as five minutes.


NSK expands size of high-load ball screw support bearings

To help OEMs produce larger, electrically operated injection moulding machines, NSK is expanding the size range of its NSKTAC03 high-load ball screw support bearings from 120 to 180mm.


Hengstler SPC counter is self-powered and fraud-proof

When Hengstler set about developing a new counter for commercial gas and water metering applications, the company had two main objectives: to make it self-powered to overcome the limitations of both power supply availability and battery-operated devices; and to make it resistant to tampering using magnets that interfere with the mechanical meter register found in conventional counters. The fruit of Hengstler’s research has seen the company introduce its SPC (Self-Powered Counter) to the global market. Simple, innovative and cost effective, SPC comes with ATEX certification and offers class-leading shock and vibration resistance.


New SDK series lead-through terminals for 10 mm² and 16 mm² cross sections

CONTA-CLIP have expanded their series of SDK lead-through terminals with types SDK 10 and SDK 16 for 10 mm² and 16 mm² nominal cross-sections. The SDK series' modular design makes these terminals suitable for a multitude of applications in electrical equipment and enclosure technology. By combining coordinated system components, different voltage levels of up to 1000 V (UL 600 V) for a rated current of up to 76 A can be provided.


Advantech Launches IXM Supporting Managed Switch

Advantech’s Industrial Connectivity Group (ICG) are pleased to announce the launch of their first switch which supports IXM device management technology. IXM, provides engineers with the ability to assign a fixed range of IP address to many devices at the same time, and also provides them with the ability to simultaneously copy the same switch configuration across multiple switches. Once the ‘master’ has been configured, IXM can be launched and within seconds all other IXM compatible switches will be populated with the same settings. This function saves up to 90% of the configuration time not only speeds up the configuration but also ensures that mistakes aren’t made.

NORD Drivesystems

“After sales runs the market in India”

A joint venture of S-T Group with one of the most renowned Asphalt and Concrete Batching plant companies in the world viz M/s Linnhoff Technologies Pvt Ltd, Linnhoff & Henne GmbH & Co. KG, Lintec GmbH & Co. KG & IPS- Eurotec Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd, Linnhoff India Pvt. Ltd is located in Mumbai since last 15 years and manufacturing unit is in Khed near Pune, Maharashtra. Linnhoff India is one of the most preferred supplier for asphalt and concrete plants for the road construction industries in India. They are the only supplier in the country for Mastic plant with complete accessories.

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