Electricity distribution substations: ProSoft Technology® launches a new Modbus TCP/IP to IEC 61850 Gateway

The ProLinx ‘Modbus TCP/IP’ to ‘IEC-61850’ gateway has been designed for remote control of substations in electricity distribution systems. It enables communication between the Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) on one side (on an IEC-61850 network) and the Schneider Electric Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) on the other side (on a Modbus TCP/IP network).


Weidmüller's serial/Ethernet converters equipped with one or two ports for industrial automation. – Simplifies integration of serial devices in industrial Ethernet networks

Weidmüller's new serial/Ethernet converters integrate devices with serial interfaces in industrial Ethernet networks - simply and reliably | Designed-in functionality protects previous investments in existing automation components. The Ethernet interface of the devices supports a broad spectrum of operation modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Real COM, RFC2217, Reverse Telnet, Pair Connection and Ethernet-Modem – designed-in versatility that guarantees network software compatibility. The converter is eminently suitable for deployment in automated industrial applications in which devices with a serial RS-232, RS-242 or RS-485 interface communicate in an Ethernet network; examples of such devices include control systems, sensors, measuring instruments, motors, drives, barcode scanners and operating status indicators. Two Ethernet ports integrated in the device can be used as Ethernet switch ports – a feature that reduces the costs of cabling, because users no longer need to connect each device to a separate Ethernet switch. Users are also able to implement a cascade connection comprising several serial/Ethernet converters to create an Ethernet network structure that enables uncomplicated access to components with a serial interface, for example via PCs. An integrated web interface allows users to configure all converter functions and Ethernet network parameters in a user-friendly environment.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

Quality requirements drive MAN Diesel & Turbo

It is no accident that MAN Diesel & Turbo uses industrial computers from Beijer Electronics as human machine interface (HMI) for the company’s giant B&W engines. The choice was based on a very thorough evaluation and negotiation process, in which suppliers from all over the world were compared against each other. On board ships, reliability is absolutely crucial, so all components in the redundant control system have to be of the highest quality.

NORD Drivesystems

Robust NORD gear units ensure smooth operation in waste water treatment facility in Tunis

The waste water treatment plant in Tunis, which is operated by the Tunisian public enterprise Office National de l'Assainissement (ONAS), supplies approx. 2.5 million people in the metropolitan area with process water. To enable the bacterial decomposition of dirt particles, the waste water needs to be oxygenated by constant churning. Two large geared motors propel the mixers around the clock. In the outdoor facility, temperature can drop to -5 °C in winter, and rise to 45 °C in summer. The present text discusses the need to consider not only performance but also the total cost of ownership.

NORD Drivesystems

Thousands of geared motors ensure quick turnaround at Frankfurt’s hub airport

Frankfurt Airport is expecting a steep rise in the volume of both freight and passenger traffic. The new northwest runway has just become operational, a new terminal is in the planning stage, and in autumn 2012 the new A-Plus pier will be opened – increasing the number of A380 megaliners that can be processed simultaneously. In order to keep luggage loading time under 45 minutes even in the face of more air traffic and tightened security measures, efficient and highly reliable handling technology is required. The extensive baggage handling system at the new pier, supplied by the BEUMER Group, is driven by geared motors from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.


AGEO+: New glycol-water/water heat pump

With a long history in the geothermal energy market, CIAT is pursuing its development in this area and presents its latest advance: AGEO+, a glycol-water/water ground source heat pump for new housing and small tertiary applications. AGEO+ innovates thanks to its exceptional thermal, acoustic and energy performance, in particular with a 50% reduction in auxiliary system electricity consumption compared with previous ranges.

NORD Drivesystems

NORD drive solutions for the food sector

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS presents a package of drive technology innovations for high hygiene applications. A new family of two-stage helical bevel gearboxes has been designed for easy and residue-free cleaning. The washdown gear units feature no indentations or dead spaces where dirt or liquids could accumulate. Due to especially smooth surfaces, cleaning liquids can easily wash off in all installation positions. The systems withstand frequent intense, aggressive cleaning with acids and alkaline solutions. Manufactured from die-cast aluminum, they resist corrosion far better than steel models.

Keyence UK

IV Series

With this new sensor, Keyence makes vision sensors accessible to everyone. Affordable, quick start-up and easy to use: no need to be an expert. This new solution is highly reliable and covers 80% of vision systems requirements, making it a beneficial alternative to one or more sensors when detection needs to follow a moving target.


LBFS: Reliable level detection with innovative frequency sweep technology

Baumer’s LBFS level switch is a reliable alternative to widely used vibratory level switches. The LBFS sensor can also detect the levels of viscous or dry materials and can be fitted on tanks or pipes in any desired position. The sensor is insensitive to flow, turbulence, bubbles or foaming, and suspended solids. The compact, smooth sensor head resists media adhesion, even with sticky media. The sensor’s short response time enables rapid fill level detection and accurate, reliable fill level compliance.


Increases the availability of conveyor systems with Eaton's PKE motor-protective circuit-breaker and SmartWire-DT

As one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for electrical engineering and automation, Eatons Electrical Sector solves heavy load issues in the motor control of conveyor systems with a combination of the PKE motor-protective circuit-breaker and the SmartWire-DT communication system. The result is comprehensive indication functions and extended drive monitoring, even under tough conditions. Unnecessary outages can be prevented.

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