NORD Drivesystems

PROFINET Technology Unit: The interface for distributed control and cabinet-mounted inverters

NORD Drivesystems supplies PROFINET modules for the integration of frequency inverters into PROFINET environments. In the second quarter of 2011, NORD introduced new modular units for cabinet-mounted SK 500E inverters while a version for distributed SK 200E-type inverters will follow in the fourth quarter.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

New Anybus CompactCom Modbus TCP 2-port module eliminates external switches

The new 2-port version of Anybus CompactCom for Modbus TCP is not only a fast and easy way for industrial device manufacturers to achieve connectivity to Modbus TCP. It is also a way to reduce the need for expensive external switches and cut down on factory wiring since the module comes with a built-in switch of its own.


ISaGRAF releases ISaGRAF version 6.0.1

ISaGRAF, the leading automation software technology partner has released ISaGRAF version 6.0.1, which includes a free version of ISaGRAF 6. ISaGRAF is the industry-leading IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 compliant firmware and workbench for building industrial automation products.


CIAT introduces geocooling into its building in Marseilles

At its building in Marseille, in the South of France, Ciat has installed a geothermal plant which uses a completely new prototype heat pump. It is the first on the market to be certified to Class A performance levels under the Eurovent Class A specifications in the 25 -250 kW power range. As part of the European GROUND-MED project, this HYSYS Office-type system is unusual because it operates in geocooling mode in the spring, and has achieved a remarkable five-to-one ratio of heat energy produced to electrical energy consumed.

NORD Drivesystems

Small, light-weight, versatile: New helical bevel washdown gearboxes

At this year's Hannover Messe exhibition, a preview of a new line of two-stage helical bevel gear units, which consists of models in five different sizes with torques between 90 and 660 Nm, has been showcased at NORD Drivesystems' booth. All units feature a high-strength die-cast aluminum gearcase which is designed according to the proven UNICASE principle. Since the gearcase requires neither an inspection cover nor a screw-on input cover, the units are especially small and light-weight. This facilitates handling, and helps reduce energy consumption particularly in applications where drives are moved.

British Steel

More than 100 km of track are equipped with Silent Track system

The SilentTrackâ noise damping system, developed by Tata Steel, has been installed to date on over 100km of railway track worldwide. For each installation, the system is specifically adapted by Tata Steel engineers to maximise effectiveness for a client’s track and operating environment. Recent international installations including Oslo, Sydney and the Rhine Valley, have demonstrated the high levels of noise reduction obtained with this approach, and the flexibility of the SilentTrack® system.


Universal combinations: Speed Controller Series SC 5004 and SC 5008

FAULHABER is adding two new Speed Controllers to its controller range. The PI Controller series is software-configurable – so no need for trimmers or DIP switches – and can be operated with one and the same controller, either as brushed direct current motors (DC) or electronically commuted drives (BL), also with integrated Hall sensors. Depending on the operating mode, the speed can be controlled to between 50 and 60,000 rpm.

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