XF510m: a single marking machine for all types of materials

Technifor can offer an electromagnetic micropercussion marking solution for use on all materials. The micro-impacts produced on the material surface using a carbide tipped stylus create a lasting mark, without creating stress or chippings. This new machine is the result of the process to optimise the Technifor range, adding a powerful electromagnet combined with an optimal guide system to produce marking of remarkable precision and quality.


NZML2 and NZML3 circuit breakers with high switching powers at 690VAC

As one of the leading manufacturers of components and systems for electro- and automation technology, Eaton's Electrical Sector offers high switching powers at 690VAC, with its new NZML2 and NZML3 circuit breakers. With the new NZML2 and NZML3, special highlights are being brought to market at the 2011 Hannover Messe. Both enhance the already-existing, world-renowned NZM family and round off the assortment in the area of systems with high energy density. Not only do industries such as mining, ship applications or the chemical industry require high switching powers of 690VAC, renewable energies such as wind energy systems, for example, are also a target of the new products.

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

Comprehensive expertise in steel and plastic. KABELSCHLEPP cable and hose carrier systems take every detail into account in a project that is unique worldwide

Manufacturers of machine tools and systems require a huge number of components for their designs. In particularly demanding or complex applications, suppliers have to provide not only the appropriate products, but also know-how and development expertise. One reason why MT Mechatronics had no alternative to working together with KABELSCHLEPP on this truly superlative project.

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

Heavy Duty Off The Shelf

Steel cable carriers – sometimes the only option


Overcoming barriers to wireless adoption

Wireless is utilized now more than ever in control architectures. It is flexible, versatile and can be cost effective; however, concerns with the security, reliability, and capacity of wireless continue to prevent conservative end users from reaping its benefits. Are these concerns valid? This article will address these points head-on, disentangling the misconceptions from genuine challenges, providing insight about how to overcome obstacles now and down the road with proper understanding, planning and execution.



AQUACIAT Power, the range of new-generation chilled water units and air/water heat pumps from CIAT, now includes a High Energy Efficiency (HEE) option. Available in 300 to 650 kW power outputs, the HEE version makes the most of all the experience we have acquired, with 600 units in operation around the world since the market launch in 2008. The class A High Energy Efficiency (HEE) version can reduce energy consumption by a further 10%. The multi-purpose AQUACIAT Power HEE is particularly suited to air conditioning for large buildings, hotels, industry, offices and shops.

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