SIC Marking

How to turn a small and medium-size company into an intermediate-size one in 2 years?

SIC Marking is proud to have been chosen by Salvéo Group ( to introduce the topic “How to turn a small and medium-size company into an intermediate-size one in 2 years” at the occasion of their website and YouTube channel going live.


Save the date: Eplan Virtual Fair on 21 May 2019 “Interactive”: Eplan hosting Virtual Fair

Digitisation will be Eplan’s focus topic during the next “trade fair on the internet” – the Eplan Virtual Fair will be taking place on 21 May and covering all the world’s important time zones with sixteen hours of live operations. Presentations, live demonstrations and management discussions will all be part of the day’s multifaceted programme. It’s goal: The direct exchange of expertisein more than seventy countries around the world.


4Sight automatic print inspection system ‘gets the message’

A groundbreaking collaboration between SICK and AutoCoding Systems has resulted in the launch of the first fully-automatic smart vision inspection system for printed coding and marking on food, pharmaceutical and other consumer goods packaging.


Flight test passed

Inspection of sausages with machine vision.


Does your machine also need too much run-out?

Who doesn't know that? If you dimension a travel drive or a linear drive, you must install a mechanical buffer at the end of the travel distance to be on the safe side.


Wireless Safety – compact, flexible and open

With the compact S-DIAS system, wireless Safety can be implemented flexibly, space-saving and economically.

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