SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts (ASC), a world leading innovator of selective brush plating technology and solutions, has launched a new corporate identity and website showcasing the full range of its industry-leading products and services for component enhancement, repair and refurbishment.

Keyence Deutschland GmbH

High-Speed Inspection of Broken Biscuits

Nutrition & Santé is Europe's leading maker of organic and health foods. Biscuits roll off its production lines in stacks of 4 or 5 units that are then wrapped in packs and inserted in their cardboard packaging at high speed.


Temperature profiling inside the mold: RotoPaq for rotomolding applications

Cambridge, UK – For optimal temperature control in rotational molding processes, Datapaq now provides the RotoPaq system which can collect data directly from inside the oven, mold surface, and even within the mold. The data logger, thermal barrier, and thermocouples are attached to the rotating mold assembly to record temperature data throughout the continuous heating and cooling cycles. In addition to being stored in the logger, the data can be transmitted in real time using radio telemetry. The temperature profile enables users to control and optimize the process in order to avoid common manufacturing defects such as warping, pinholes/bubbles, discoloration, and uneven impact resistance, thus ensuring both high product quality and efficiency. The RotoPaq system is routinely used to validate new materials and processes or when environmental conditions change. Its excellent thermal protection allows continuous operation for up to 14 hours. Datapaq also provides thermal barriers for use in water shower cooling. The Insight analysis software enables quality control certification for customers or according to industry standards such as QS9000.


Website relaunch for Ircon pyrometer brand

Berlin – A new website has just been released for the Ircon pyrometer brand. The English version is online at Sites in German, French, Spanish, and Chinese will follow shortly. Established on the market since 1962, Ircon infrared pyrometers perform with accuracy and repeatability in the harshest and most volatile conditions, where precise temperature measurement and control is required. The new website presents the wide range of Ircon products for non-contact temperature measurement in industrial processes. The new, application-driven content will help guide visitors to the temperature measurement solutions best suited for their industry or need. Users can quickly find the optimal infrared solution simply via their application in metals, glass, or plastics processing, in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules, the packaging or paper industry, and other areas. The new site contains comprehensive information on temperature measurement via infrared technology, tutorials on specific applications; contact forms for pricing, service, and calibration requests; and hotline numbers for the international service network. Further information includes news, dates, events, and an employment portal for jobs within the Fluke Group.

Keyence France

In-line vial measurement at Capitol Europe

To provide high-speed, high-accuracy inspection facilities for production of a new range of vials, Capitol Europe has opted for KEYENCE optical micrometers in the TM-3000 series.


No trailing thermocouples: Inline temperature profiling solution for vapor phase soldering

Cambridge, UK – Datapaq has customized a temperature profiling solution for vapor phase soldering for an electronics supplier to the automotive, aerospace, military, and medical industries. The comeback of vapor phase soldering (or condensation reflow) as an efficient technology for small batches of high-value electronic assemblies calls for state-of-the-art quality assurance measures without the drawback of trailing sensor cables. Accordingly, the DQ1862 data logger and the corresponding thermal barrier have been developed for inline application. Both being extra small, they can simply be placed inside the carrier tray along with SMD packages. The logger records a detailed temperature profile of the complete pre-heat and vapor soldering process. The accompanying Insight software provides for in-depth analysis and clear visualization. The system is used to compare the performance of different machines and ensure that all are optimized, contributing to minimal reject rates. Without trailing thermocouple cables, profiling is now conducted safely, quickly, and easily. Based on the Datapaq solution the customer has reduced setup times considerably.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

CANblue II

CANblue II Transmit CAN data quickly and reliably via Bluetooth


Vossloh Cogifer Inaugurates its Technology Centre

Vossloh Cogifer, a subsidiary of Germany's Vossloh Group and specialised in points and crossings and associated equipment, recently inaugurated its new €3 million technology centre in Reichshoffen, in Alsace. Around 30 engineers will develop turnouts and signalling equipment at the new centre.

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