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CAREL and SECO working together to develop an innovative solution in the conditioning and refrigeration industry

CAREL and SECO, leading provider of end-to-end technological solutions for industrial digitalization, have signed an agreement to develop a new solution to support the digital transformation of the infrastructures in the segments where CAREL operates.

CAREL and SECO working together to develop an innovative solution in the conditioning and refrigeration industry

The two companies have started the design of an innovative and powerful supervision system, a fundamental device for controlling refrigeration and air conditioning processes, allowing real-time data collection and remote monitoring. Among the aims of the collaboration will be operational streamlining and safety improvement through process optimization and prompt identification of potential issues or malfunctions.

The new supervision system will also enable the implementation of advanced digital solutions based not only on live monitoring but also on intelligent control of field devices to enhance product efficiency by maximizing performance and improving overall reliability.

Leveraging on SECO’s portfolio and know-how, through the combination of the most advanced technologies and customised services, this new solution will help to build additional functionalities for CAREL’s equipment, while promoting energy savings and reducing environmental impact.

The first samples for field testing will be available by mid-2025, with mass production scheduled to start by the end of the same year.

“We are proud that two Italian excellences with a strong international footprint, such as CAREL and SECO, are pooling their know-how and experience to develop an extremely advanced supervision system aimed at further enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of air conditioning and refrigeration processes.”, stated Francesco Nalini, CEO of CAREL.

“We are thrilled to partner one of the leading global players in the industry, such as CAREL. Our joint commitment to digitalization aims to provide operators with cutting-edge solutions, enhancing quality, and promoting sustainability.”, stated Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.


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