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XPO Logistics to roll out 160 new Shared User network vehicles in UK

XPO has started to roll out 160 new rigid vehicles in its Shared User network in the United Kingdom over the next four months.

XPO Logistics to roll out 160 new Shared User network vehicles in UK

The new vehicles are fitted with cutting-edge technology and innovations to assist drivers and improve road safety. They include:

  • All-around cameras to assist drivers when changing directions or manoeuvring.
  • PIR LED lighting in the vehicles' goods area to improve safety for drivers and crews working in low-light conditions.
  • Audible warnings when vehicles turn or reverse to alert other motorists and pedestrians.
  • Full closure tail lifts with all-around safety barriers to provide a large working platform that protects drivers and crews from falls and the safety of nearby individuals.
  • Driver welfare cameras to support driver safety whilst driving.

The latest engines are more fuel efficient and will further reduce the company’s environmental impact. Early trials of the new engines indicate a 10% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the vehicles they are replacing. They will also improve the working environment for XPO drivers.

Dan Myers, Managing Director, UK and Ireland, XPO Logistics, said: “We’re constantly evaluating the latest technologies and developments to ensure that our customers benefit from the most efficient, safe, and sustainable distribution possible. At the same time, we want to further the safety and welfare of our drivers, crews, and members of the public.”

These new vehicles will be based in the company’s nine core Shared User sites and operating platforms across the UK, servicing the shared user pallet network, the after-sales and retail service, and the two-person B2B network. From the network, XPO Logistics also services through-the-night automotive and retail customers and provides Last Mile delivery solutions specialising in serving the technical and catering/vending spaces.

XPO Logistics is a leading innovative supply chain company in Europe, offering end-to-end logistics solutions that combine full-truckload, less-than-truckload, pallet distribution, last-mile delivery, global freight forwarding, and warehousing services. The company tailors its solutions to the specific needs of its customers in a wide range of industrial and consumer sectors.


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