No-cost VPN service: INSYS connectivity service now comes with two free licenses

Regensburg – The INSYS Connectivity Service, INSYS icom's VPN service, provides a private ready-made virtual private network that requires no setup effort for use with automation solutions and M2M applications. Routers, PCs and other network devices are created in a few simple steps.

No-cost VPN service:  INSYS connectivity service now comes with two free licenses
Notably, INSYS devices automatically download the VPN configuration and the certificates generated by the system. Introducing ICS classic, INSYS icom now offers a new, free version of these services. Since 1 February 2016, all users who create an INSYS connectivity service account receive two free licenses with the latest range of functions. The licenses do not require the purchase of additional paid licenses, nevertheless can be combined, and are automatically renewed. "Many customers use our service with hundreds or thousands of licenses. However, especially occasional users of a single VPN connection still tend to make concessions in security matters", explains Wolfgang Wanner, Manager of marketing at INSYS icom. "For us, security is a major concern. Any communications link should be secure, even for applications in which security appears to be of little relevance. For this reason, we now offer a free VPN connection option." In addition, users can test the INSYS Connectivity Service free of charge, with no obligation, for four weeks and with four licenses. The trial ends automatically. For users who want to keep using these services free of charge, INSYS icom makes both licenses available within their account. The INSYS Connectivity Service facilitates secure VPN connections for networks of any size. An almost unlimited number of devices can be managed and the IP addresses freely selected. The system also enables access to the devices connected with the router or fault transmitter, e.g. for remote configuration and remote maintenance. Features such as group management and connection control functions are available through the web portal: users can create groups and assign devices to them, then authorise or block connections within groups or incoming and outgoing connections between groups. The INSYS Connectivity Service is hosted at a professional data centre in Germany. A server version for in-house installations is also available on request.

Further information is available at www.insys-icom.com/connectivity.

About INSYS icom
INSYS icom is a leading technology partner for industrial data communication. Starting with pioneering work on modems in 1992, INSYS now boasts an extensive product portfolio for professional routers, fault monitors, modems, gateways and bridges as well as a VPN network service and charge control and communication solutions for the electromobility market. Customers from diverse industry sectors such as energy production, mechanical engineering, traffic engineering and the public sector rely on INSYS products. Integrators, IT system houses and automation experts use the reliable INSYS solutions for their projects as well. Frequently used applications are remote maintenance, remote access, alarm messages, monitoring processes and the intelligent secure integration of systems. Aside from security and reliability, INSYS icom's engineers place great value on the highest possible ease of operation and INSYS industrial routers are distinguished by their simple and consistent user interfaces and diverse configuration options. Beyond that the company technical support provides competent, personal assistance. Thanks to extensive development experience, INSYS icom is a valued partner for customer inquiries about customized solution specifications or modifications requests regarding hardware, applications or technology. INSYS icom – driven by communication.

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