Rigid, harsh washdown resistant tags & safety signs

Brady’s Rigid ToughWash Signs & Tags remain legible and intact even after repeated harsh wash downs. Made from a patent-pending plastic encapsulated process, they continuously communicate lean or safety messages to keep a facility visually safe, productive and compliant, even in extreme conditions.

Rigid, harsh washdown resistant tags & safety signs
Harsh washdown resistant
The durable Rigid ToughWash Sign & Tag construction resists up to 1500 PSI and 80°C from distances 152.40 mm and greater, with some variation based on the type of surface the sign is applied to. This makes Rigid ToughWash Signs & Tags extremely useful in industries that use pressure wash systems such as Food Processing, Beverage Processing and Pharmaceutical Industries. Rigid ToughWash Signs & Tags are a great pre-printed addition to Brady’s adhesive ToughWash labels that can be printed on-site using a Brady Printer.

Increased product safety
ToughWash Signs & Tags are metal or X-Ray detectable as an extra contamination safeguard. Their full colour and high resolution prints make ToughWash Signs & Tags ideal to communicate procedure compliance and workplace safety messages on the workfloor where they matter to further increase procedure compliance and product safety.

Fully customisable
ToughWash Signs & Tags are a pre-printed custom product, offering a myriad of personalisation options. The tags exist in two sizes and can be serialised and printed in full colour with a picture of choice. The signs are also full colour printable on one or both sides and come in 8 rectangular sizes or 1 round size. Both the rigid tags and signs are equipped with holes to fix them into place using cable ties.

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Rigid, harsh washdown resistant tags & safety signs

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