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The Ett 736 Is a 7-inch Operating Panel With Stainless Steel Front

With a robust, yet elegantly designed stainless steel front in IP65 protection, the 7” build-in panel ETT 736 is the right choice for applications with strict hygiene requirements. Examples of this are the pharma, food and packaging industries.

The Ett 736 Is a 7-inch Operating Panel With Stainless Steel Front

The fanless wide screen HMI is equipped with an EDGE2 Technology dual-core processor, 8 digital inputs, as well as 8 short-circuit proof digital outputs. With 1x USB 2.0, (Type A), 1x USB-OTG, 2x Ethernet 10/100 and 1x CAN, various standard interfaces are provided for a flexible system connection.

The integrated circuit boards are surface-treated and are therewith resistant to ambient humidity. The analog resistive single-touch screen used ensures reliable operability – even when using saline cleaning solutions.

800 x 480 pixels, the 7-inch WVGA TFT color display provides enough space for a clear visualization design. The application is comfortably created using the all-in-one tool LASAL. Predefined Add-Ons with program and display elements for many machine functions reduce the engineering time enormously.


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