MX series: Power, speed and accuracy... at the service of multiple applications!

The MX series of multifunctional milling centres are machines with a great deal of flexibility, allowing machining operations in 5 axes and on 5 sides, with just one part clamping from roughing to finishing and including turning operations. The MX series combines power, speed and accuracy: machining in 5 axes can be performed for workpieces weighing up to 4000 kg; hard materials are machined in a minimum time and extremely high precision is guaranteed for creating contours and profiles. These models are particularly appreciated in the aeronautical sector.

MX series: Power, speed and accuracy... at the service of multiple applications!
The highest rigidity and stability are ensured. A structure with a travelling column in cast iron and with superb mechanical characteristics increase the rigidity of the machines and allow the damping of vibrations caused by cutting forces in the most hard materials. The rigidity, accuracy and geometric stability are further reinforced thanks to the anchoring points on the floor.

Available in several sizes, the MX series offers compact, fully automated, “all in one” machines which reduce production times and optimise investments.

With a modular concept, the MX 8 to the MX 12, for travels ranging from 1000 x 1600 x 900 mm to 1200 x 1600 x 1000 mm and workpieces from 2000 kg to 4000 kg, it is possible to choose exactly the machine suited to the application requirements: milling or turning/milling, rotating table or palletised version, probes, coolant...

The rotary table on the MX series of multifunctional milling centres is equipped with a torque motor. The high locking torque as well as the rigidity of the design permit high power at the roughing. On the turning/milling version, locking of the spindle is achieved using Hirth-coupling. The table can rotate at up to 500 rpm and the design enables very high acceleration speeds.

The torque motor head is mounted on a plane at 45° which permits a movement from -45° to +180°. The high performance of the spindle (torque, power, speed) ensures a very high rate of chips removal, as well as very high accuracy and finishing quality on contours and profiles. Vibration monitoring during machining allows the work to be performed in total safety for the components of the machine and the tool.

Head variants are offered as options, the choice of which depends on the machining type to be performed.

The mechanical head is specially designed for the machining of hard materials such as titanium, Inconel, etc. Positioned on a plane at 45°, it is equipped with a high-torque spindle (6000 rpm, 28 kW, 1350 Nm) and is suitable for both milling and turning work. It permits heavy roughing with a high chips removal rate. A specific tool changer allows loading of tools with a diameter of 250 mm, a length of 250 mm and a weight of 25 kg, consistent with the capacities of the spindle.

The fork head is only used for milling. Its special feature is that it can achieve negative angles. Its axis of rotation, the B axis, whose movement ranges from +10° to -110°, is parallel to the Y axis and allows the spindle spindle to swing around a horizontal axis. Its torque engine is connected directly to the turning parts, thus ensuring movement without backlash and high-precision positioning. The head is equipped with a power spindle capable of 8000 rpm (86 kW / 235 Nm).

The palletising at 2 workstations permits an increase in productivity and allows loading and unloading of the workpiece in hidden time. The rotary palletiser is mounted at the front of the machine. The circular safeguard allows complete disengagement of the pallet from the top, which thus allows ergonomic and easy loading/unloading.

With its particularly innovative ergonomics, the MX series ensures a very high level of productivity while guaranteeing optimum safety of the operators. The machines come with a standard tool magazine housing 48 tools, installed outside the working area. The machine is equipped with a complete safeguard and ensures complete protection of the machining area, the operator and his environment. The door opening offers excellent access to the table and the workpiece, and the palletiser option reduces idle time when loading/unloading workpieces in hidden time.

MX12.jpeg: MX 12 model without palletiser
Meca.jpeg: Mechanical head
Fourche.jpeg: Fork head
MX10.jpeg: MX 10 model

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