New range of direct part marking solutions

With this new range – the largest and most easily integrated on the market – integrators and manufacturers will find a marking solution to suit their needs.

New range of direct part marking solutions
Technifor has brought out a new generation of its DPM (Direct Part Marking) machines. This method involves marking the surface of a product directly, without the need for any stickers, inks or other additives. The micro-percussion and scribing technologies used offer significant advantages in terms of durability and speed of marking.
The micro-impacts produced on the material’s surface using a carbide tipped stylus create a permanent mark, without creating stress or burrs.
With scribing, information can be marked directly on the material itself. The stylus (carbide or diamond tipped) is driven into the material just once, and then moved along the X and Y axes to scribe the material and create the mark. These technologies physically change the surface of the material, which means that texts, logos or 2D codes applied to parts will still be 100 per cent legible throughout the whole production process, even when a part is subjected to a number of different treatments.

The Technifor range comprises three different solutions: electromagnetic micro-percussion, pneumatic micro-percussion and scribing. They are all compact, fast and robust, and each one has its own particular advantages.

The XF510m offers the precision and quality that electromagnetic micro-percussion can bring. The force of the impact can be adjusted in hundredths via the precision control unit. This means it can be used on even the most delicate materials. This technology simply requires an electrical supply. This range is particularly suited to the marking of 2D codes (Data Matrix™ ECC200, UID etc.).

The XF510p offers the compactness, speed and lightness that pneumatic micro-percussion can bring. Technifor has optimised its performance, with a speed of 10 characters per second – double the rate of other solutions on the market. The marking head assembly has also been slimmed down to a unit measuring just 136.4 x 86.7 x 113.7 mm and weighing in at just 2.3 kg.

The XF510r is a scribing solution combining depth of marking with aesthetically pleasing results. In fact, the marking of texts and logos is extremely clear. In addition, the process is silent, which meets the most stringent noise control standards (< 72 dBA).

Within this product range, every integrator will find the ideal solution, whatever their requirements and whatever the operating environment.

No other product range is so easy to integrate

The control unit will interface with Ethernet, USB and RS232, and there is an interface card with 8 inputs and 4 outputs. It can work on its own or can be controlled via a PC or PLC. This remote control unit (from up to 15 metres away) meets all the requirements of machine manufacturers: it has an 18-language interface, can handle 14 different keyboard types and is provided with a universal 90 – 250 V power supply. It is the only model on the market with a large backlit screen, with user-friendly icons and contextual help, enabling programming of all types of marking: text, logos, variables, time-stamping, counters, 2D codes etc..

Unbeatably light, fast and compact, the marking heads are easily integrated into all production line layouts (revolving tables, robot arms etc.). Reliability has been perfected through 20 years of experience and 5 generations of the range. Suitable for use in the toughest environments and in any position, they can be mounted on column frames and fitted with protective shutters.
Various sizes are available (marking areas up to 200 x 80 mm), giving a full range of 11 machines, enhanced by further options such as a motorised Z axis with surface sensing, a height setting device (± 22 mm), DMC part rotation or column frame accessories.

Integrators can access our information portal, where they will find guides to help them integrate our machines into their systems. Part of the GravoTech Group, Technifor is the world leader in industrial marking machines for permanent part identification, and can guarantee you ongoing sales presence and technical assistance wherever you need it, through its 23 branches worldwide.


The XF510m: versatile, high-precision electromagnetic micro-percussion, using electrical energy alone
The XF510p: compact, high-speed pneumatic micro-percussion designed for intensive use.
The XF510r: scribing for deep marking and aesthetically pleasing results

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