Partners for more than 30 years - KOLLMORGEN acknowledges the special connection with Jürgen Driller and Werner P. Hermes

Ratingen/Germany - "Partnerships like this last longer than marriages," remarks Jan Treede with a wink. With these introductory remarks, the Managing Director of KOLLMORGEN Europe GmbH duly recognized the 30-year-plus collaboration with both Werner P. Hermes –with his firm HIB engineering in Langenfeld and Jürgen Driller, founder of the IBD engineering firm in Munich. KOLLMORGEN used the Partners' Evening event (during the sps ipc drives trade fair) as a chance to pay a special tribute to these two veterans of drive and control technology. "As far as we're concerned, these are not just distributors but cherished partners," emphasized Markus Johansson - Vice President EMEA at KOLLMORGEN since November.

After more than 30 busy years spent shoulder to shoulder in the world of drive technology and motion control, Werner P. Hermes also took the opportunity to express his "thanks for the many years together." The owner of a Rhineland engineering firm (located between Düsseldorf and Cologne) talked about the many things he had experienced during this time: the new products, the new approaches to automation-led solutions, the repeated emergence of new technical trends, and the always lively relationship with KOLLMORGEN. Motion has simply been a fact of daily life.

Jürgen Driller from Munich has experienced these times too and spoke about the serious impact associated with changing business models. "If you want to be successful these days, you cannot make a living from just the products you sell over the counter. After all, everyone has a black motor. What people really want is advice and tailor-made solutions." Although these need to be turned around quickly enough for medium-sized equipment manufacturers and engineering firms to make a living too. "There are simply not enough hours in the day for firms to develop tailored applications alone."

So relationships count more than ever. And this is why the KOLLMORGEN strategy is focused on further enhancing the role of development and engineering partner – for both mechanical engineering outfits and operators alike – and developing a functional standard "kit" for special solutions. "It's all about doing a good job and therefore staying in business for the long haul," pointed out Jürgen Driller.

Recognition of more than 30 years' partnership with KOLLMORGEN: a close collaboration celebrated by Jan Treede, Werner P. Hermes, Jürgen Driller, and Markus Johansson (left to right).