Image Dimension Measurement System: CEPROINV Romanian plastics & metals processing expert upgrades to KEYENCE and improves measurement quality

S.C. CEPROINV SA is a private company that was founded in 1991 by a group of six engineers. The company’s headquarters is located in Romania, in the city Focșani, the capital of Vrancea County; CEPROINV has steadily built a reputation for producing high-quality mechanical components that are made not only from plastic materials, but also metal – through splintering processes and injection moulding. The founding team of engineers remains at the helm as shareholders.

The parts manufactured by CEPROINV are used in almost every industrial sector including petrochemistry, naval industry, electronics, power engineering, steel industry, food industry, lighting industry, pharmaceuticals, transport, construction, machining tools and so on. An important part of the company’s activities is the production of PTFE (“Teflon”) in rods, tubes or plates through sintering, and the processing of finished pieces from these semi-finished materials.

In such specialised field, and in today’s economy, keeping ahead of the competition is crucial. The consumer base of CEPROINV demands a wide range of finished parts and spare parts, both from plastic and metallic materials (including steel, cast iron, bronze, etc.). Furthermore, the company must adhere to its individual customers’ model or documentation. The company policy has always focused on paying equal attention to every order, irrespective of size. This leads the staff at CEPROINV to review big batches and unique pieces with the same level of care.

Up until recently company technicians were using measuring instruments from a competitor of KEYENCE to measure small PTFE parts, but the solution provided by the competitor was difficult to program. In some circumstances, certain measurements like the axis between drills, arc lengths, division diameter for drills, or even the angles, were very difficult to measure with the existing measurement tools.

It became clear that a newer machine, with a higher performance was needed. So, when the time came to replace its measurement systems, engineers at CEPROINV decided to look elsewhere.

“We knew what we were looking for” said Deputy Director Georgica Marin, who agreed to answer a few questions. “Quality, reliability and usability were elements that were absolutely critical to us. We needed to measure the smallest PTFE parts with the highest degree of confidence. We analysed similar products on the market and then we turned to KEYENCE.”

After careful review, CEPROINV management decided to acquire the KEYENCE IM-6225T measuring machine on account of its ease of operation and the attractive price/quality ratio. Its 6.6 mega-pixel monochrome CMOS image sensor is supplemented with double telecentric lens. This device has a large field of view of 200 x 100mm.

Since then, the results have largely spoken for themselves, delivering countless benefits to CEPROINV and its customers.

“By using our new KEYENCE IM-6225T optical measurement system, we can now execute measurement reports easily and more accurately” explained Mr. Georgica Marin. “These reports are necessary for certifying the quality of our finished pieces. Also, by saving the most frequent measurement programs, we can repeat our measurements of identical pieces over and over again; this cuts down on the initial preparation time it used to take, saving CEPROINV additional costs.”

KEYENCE prides itself not only on its products, but on its support as well. Customers benefit from working directly with a highly knowledgeable team of sales engineers who can help solve the most complex applications and answer technical product questions rapidly. Naturally, this also proved a deciding factor for CEPROINV.

Equipped with a KEYENCE IM-6225T, CEPROINV is now looking to the future with confidence: this measuring device will help the company maintain the highest levels of quality while reducing lead time. For CEPROINV customers, this will translate into better productivity and profitability.