The sWave.NET® wireless network at the SPS IPC Drives 2017

Demonstrator for cable-free E-Kanban system

At the SPS IPC Drives 2017, the steute business unit "Wireless" wil be presenting the latest version of its wireless network sWave.NET®, in which several hundred wireless switching devices can be connected to a network via access points. The access points transmit wireless signals to the customer IT infrastructure for further processing.

The function of the network will be demonstrated using a mobile E-Kanban rack or FIFO shelf as a typical application for wireless networks. Whenever a container is removed from a rack, an electromechanical wireless switch or non-contact wireless sensor transmits a signal to the next available access point. The access point then passes it on to the materials management software or to production planning and control. In this way, replenishment is requested automatically.

Configuration of such a network is just as easy as its later modification. The wireless infrastructure guarantees reliable signal transmission: dynamic self-organisation means low effort for configuration and low maintenance, while at the same time contributing to the successful implementation of sWave.NET®-based sensor network solutions.

All manner of different potential applications for this wireless network have been opened up over the past few months. In addition to E-Kanban systems and FIFO shelves, steute has also focused on automated guided vehicles (AGV) in intralogistics and production.

The sWave.NET® system is continually being expanded to include new functions and devices. At the SPS IPC Drives 2017, steute will also be showing a new integrable wireless optical sensor.

steute at the SPS IPC Drives: Hall 9, Booth 450