Keyence Italia SPA

IM-6500 Series

The IM-6500 Series from Keyence is a new type of measurement device. It is a completely new concept to rival established measuring equipment such as profile projectors, measuring microscopes or automatic CNC measuring machines. The dimensional measurement concept of the IM-6500 series utilises state of the art imaging technology, thus enabling any user to perform reliable measurements in a minimum of time and with an increased accuracy. You simply place a part on a measurement stage, push the button and up to 99 dimensions are measured in a few seconds with accuracies down to 0.7 micron. No tiresome positioning, nor risks of measurement variance or deviation between individual operators. The simplicity of use results in the IM-6500 series emerging as a massive cost saving alternative to traditional time consuming measurement processes.


Eaton Emergency-Stop/Off Pushbutton Actuators Clearly Indicate Switch Position Even In Darkness

Eatons Electrical Sector is launching new emergency stop/off pushbutton actuators for the RMQ-Titan range of control circuit devices for worldwide use. The system expansion includes emergency-stop palm-shaped actuators (45/60 mm), with or without key, with turn and pull release, non-illuminated, illuminated, with standard LEDs or with mechanical switch position indication (green/red) in the middle of the actuating element.


ISaGRAF releases ISaGRAF version 6.1 with new Workbench and C5 Firmware

ISaGRAF, the leading automation software technology partner has released ISaGRAF version 6.1. ISaGRAF is the industry-leading IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 compliant firmware and workbench for building industrial automation products. ISaGRAF 6.1 is a major release, consisting of a new workbench, and the new version 5.3 of the C5 firmware. Now based on the powerful Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010, it offers improved speed, a new and improved user interface, and enhanced windows docking and package management.


New Eaton Sensor solutions

Eaton’s Electrical Sector added four new Sensor families to the already extensive Sensor offering. The Inductive Proximity family will be enlarged with the new AccuProx analog sensor, and three new types are added to the photoelectric family, namely: NanoView Series, IntelliView Series and the E67 Long Range Perfect Prox Sensor.

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