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Measuring profiles for Faurecia Interior Systems

By using Keyence’s LJ-G sensor, the Automotive Equipment Manufacturer has automated its inspection of airbag deployment slits in vehicle dashboards. This resulted in stable measurements and a fast return on investment.


Datapaq announces improved MicroMag thermocouple for automotive paint monitoring

Cambridge, UK – Extending the Oven Tracker XL2 system, Datapaq introduces the new and improved MicroMag thermocouple designed for use in automotive paint monitoring. Working extensively with key automotive paint operations worldwide, Datapaq has further extended the operating capability of the popular MicroMag thermocouple. The new encapsulated magnet design allows reliable direct use during production, even on wet painted and e-coated substrates. It eliminates any risk of either magnet damage or magnet loss when the probe is removed from a cured paint surface at the end of the oven process. The miniature surface and air thermocouple which employs state-of-the-art samarium-cobalt magnet technology can be placed into the tightest of recesses. It is therefore ideal for car body shell areas that are difficult to access. Due to its low thermal mass, the MicroMag provides response characteristics that challenge those of exposed junction thermocouples while it has the additional advantage of quick and easy attachment to ferrous substrates. Despite its compact size, 17 mm in diameter, the magnet ensures secure hold up to the maximum experienced paint and powder coating cure temperatures. An aluminum knob for easy routine rugged handling, even when wearing gloves, can be removed, if necessary, to suit application requirements.


For demanding applications: VisiLine cameras with IP 65/67 protection

(7/2/2013) Baumer expands its GigE camera series with ten new IP protected models that have been developed for particularly demanding industrial environments. With the IP 65 and IP 67 protective housing, every sensitive camera component, all the way to the lens, is protected from dust, water spray and temporary immersion. The cameras have an x-coded M12 connector that ensures a reliable connection to the data interface. Designed for industrial uses, they can be powered by a 12 to 24 volt or Power over Ethernet (PoE) supply.


New lockable flush handle from Southco installs quickly and provides added security

Southco’s P2 Flush Pull Lockable combines the reliability and fast installation of the standard P2 product class with the added security of an integrated cam lock. This one-piece assembly features single-hole panel preparation and built-in tabs that snap into position behind the panel to hold the pull in place without added tools, reducing installation time and effort.


Enhanced Turning-milling table drive solutions

The latest version of MSR TwinDrive dramatically simplifies the mechanical transmission system on large vertical lathes. As a result, the design of turning tables becomes much easier while improving the precision and making the machine more compact. REDEX has once again produced innovative products and solutions that offer machine builders cutting-edge designs that feature easy use and maintenance.


Eplan is Siemens PLM Solution Partner: interface between Eplan and Teamcenter

Since mid-April, Eplan has been an official Siemens PLM Solution Partner. The aim of the partnership is to offer an interface between two market-leading systems - Eplan and Teamcenter. This integration closes a loophole in the PLM process: the configuration data for the Eplan platform can now be processed in Teamcenter. Companies from different industries can benefit from this integrated approach which forms part of a consistent product creation process.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Getting connected

How Nagel Precision in the U.S. connect their honing machines to any industrial network with the help of Anybus X-gateways.


REDEX Gear Center : Innovation and design risk-free at the OEMs fingertips

With its global 3i modernization program, REDEX has transformed its Senonches plant into a state-of-the-art center of gear excellence. As a result, REDEX is now offering aeronautical and motor racing quality gears as a standard in its axis drives to machine tool OEMs.

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