NORD Drivesystems

IE3 energy-saving motors

NORD is currently developing IE3 motors. They will ensure an efficiency increase of at least 10% compared with the IE2 class, primarily by the use of different materials.

NORD Drivesystems provide access to product and order details

NORD Drivesystems launches its myNORD customer portal: this new section of the drive manufacturer’s website,, offers on-line tools for registered customers that provide detailed information about order status, product selection, local contacts, and latest news.


CF15 Oil and Fuel Pumps with a self contained pressure regulator

This whisper vane pump offers constant flow and quiet running operation. Applications span the whole of fluid systems, while prelube was the first design focus, transfer and process applications also fit well with the pump’s design.


MSR Turning table drive solutions

MSR dramatically simplifies the turning table mechanical transmission system. In many cases, it is also much more economical.


SLC 420 Series

Thanks to a teach-in function for blanking, these Safety light grids offer flexibility when securing hazardous areas with optoelectronics


Safety Consulting: Schmersal with new portfolio of services

The Schmersal Group broadens its service offer with respect to machinery safety. The new “Safety Consulting” service aims at providing the company’s customers with comprehensive consultancy regarding issues such as the implementation of directives and standards in actual constructional practice.


STAGEMAKER hoists for a best selling show in Denmark

SCENETEK has chosen STAGEMAKER SM10 hoists with variable speed systems to lift the stage equipment for the Theatre Concert Come Together show in Copenhagen.


CIAT has installed a cold storage system at the Valenciennes Hospital Centre, in the North of France.

The Cristopia cold storage system, commissioned a few months ago, optimizes the hospital’s energy consumption and uses refrigerating units of a 2200 kW combined power instead of the 4000 kW initially planned. This CIAT equipment produces the cooling capacity needed for the entire building (Jean BERNARD), over 110 000 m2, with a 1000 bed capacity, including, amongst other units, 14 operating theatres, 20 imaging rooms and 29 intensive care beds. The installation will pay for itself in only 4 years.



The new generation of the DYNACIAT POWER chilled water production unit and water-to-water heat pump provides the optimal solution for all office, health, industry, administration and commerce cooling or heating applications. Its energy performance is remarkable in relation to a traditional chilled water unit, with an ESEER up to 6.17, which meets the strictest specifications for increased energy efficiency. Particularly compact, this equipment is designed to be installed inside a technical room, developing a power of up to 200 kW par m² on the ground.


Fulfilling customer needs

DACO Solutions, the UK based manufacturer of finishing machinery for the converting industry, has a clear machine development philosophy: keep it simple and adhere exactly to the customer’s specified needs. Employing this direct approach enables DACO to provide cost-effective and very easy-to-use solutions, essential components of which are the MEROBEL range of web tension control equipment. From the simplest to most advanced machine MEROBEL products are integral to the machines success.

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