WIDIA Sponsors Ultra 4 Unlimited Class Racer. Car owner/driver/builder also a WIDIA distributor.

WIDIA, a global tooling leader and past sponsor of individual racers, including the No. 1 WIDIA Chevrolet driven by Earnhardt Ganassi Racing’s Jamie McMurray in the 2011 April Martinsville NASCAR race, now is sponsoring the Ultra 4 unlimited class racecar driven by David Buchberger for the 2012–2013 Ultra 4 season.

Komet Group

More fine boring convenience thanks to Bluetooth

The KOMET GROUP has equipped its fine adjustment head MicroKom® BluFlex™ with modern wireless networking to make setting work easier for machine users. By using a wireless connection via Bluetooth* technology, the KOMET GROUP has managed to disconnect the display of the fine adjustment head MicroKom® from the tool head. This has made the tool less sensitive in application and improved its concentricity properties. There is a major benefit for the user, who can now attach the display by magnet anywhere on the machine – so that it is in his field of view and easy to read.

Komet Group

Maximum drilling performance and dimensional accuracy

As one of the leading full-range suppliers for precision tools, the KOMET GROUP is continually developing its range of tools to enable users to increase productivity even further. One typical example is the new KOMET KUB Centron® Powerline presented as a standard tool at the AMB 2012 – an advanced development of theKOMET KUB Centron® core bit drill.


TJ MOLDES expands its capacity and performance for the production of automotive moulds

With the installation of new HURON high performance five-axis machining centres, TJ MOLDES (Marinha Grande, Portugal) has increased its production capacity for plastic injection moulds. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of moulds for the automotive industry.


CombiSeries sets new standards in process instrumentation

Baumer is taking functionality, safety and flexibility in process instrumentation to a whole new level with its new CombiSeries. The first two models in this new series, namely the CombiPress pressure transmitter and the CombiTemp temperature gauge are already available for the market. Both products can be combined with the new CombiView display generation and thus provide maximum customer benefit. Together with the stainless steel hygienic housing that was also newly developed, the measuring instruments can be set up and utilized according to the individual needs of the user, for example, in the food industry.


Educational Authority of Eastern France Adopts MapleSim for use in all technical schools

As part of a process to reform STI2D educational streams (Sciences and Technology of Industry and Sustainable Development), technical high schools in France are now required to use design and development software tools. The Académie de Nancy-Metz (1), a school board in Eastern France, has chosen MapleSim, the high-performance physical modeling and simulation tool from Maplesoft for mandatory use in all technical schools.

SIC Marking

New Consistent High Precision Part Marking

The New e8-c153 z-a SIC Dot Marker from SIC Marking delivers high precision consistent part marking aided by the Autosense function, making it ideal for the most demanding applications for both data matrix codes and human readable text. It offers a large marking window of 160mm x 100mm.


Waterproof overload protection

Increased power on corrosion-protected torque limiting clutches

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