Keyence Italia SPA


This new profile measuring instrument is a real technological breakthrough. Being approximately 30 times faster than the best standard of the market, with the LJ-V Series it is possible to check instantaneously the results of a scanned target using a 3D view on line. It is also characterized by the simplicity of its implementation, its precision and its stability of detection.

Keyence Italia SPA


This new series has been designed to address the problems users are having with safety light curtains. Unique and strong design, quick and easy installation, and yet the highest level of security is provided

Keyence Italia SPA

TM-3000 : 2D Optical Micrometre.

First of its kind in the world: this new sensor performs on line two-dimensional measurement with a micron precision.


Wireless transmission module for inductive sensors.

Many mechanical and plant engineers are aware of the problem: in order to, for example, query a position, an inductive sensor needs to be attached to a moving machine part. The power and signal cables are extremely complex to lay, however, requiring drag chain cables or abrasive wheels.


WIDIA Victory portfolio means higher turning productivity, lower costs across wide range of materials

With overwhelmingly positive feedback from pre-launch customers, new high-performance WIDIA™ Victory™ turning grades deliver increased productivity with improved surface finishes and longer tool life across steel, stainless steel, cast irons, and specialty alloys.


Introducing the “Kennametal Innovations” iPad® Application

Industrial technology innovator Kennametal unveiled a new iPad application at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show. The “Kennametal Innovations” app features interactive, cutting-edge animations and real-world demonstrations of Kennametal’s productivity-enhancing technologies for machining and industrial processes.

British Steel

Tata Steel officially launches high performance grooved rail at InnoTrans

Tata Steel launched its new high performance grooved rail at InnoTrans in Berlin. This rail is designed to reduce life cycle costs through its high wear resistance and its ability to be weld-repaired using Tata Steel’s patented weld process.

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