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microComp® Quicklatch — Ultralight Miniature Connector for Aeronautics

An alternative to the D-subminiature connector, the new microComp® Quicklatch is a 100% composite miniature quick connector designed particularly for use on in-flight entertainment (IFE) screens aboard commercial aircraft. It is 32% smaller and 45% lighter than a D-sub and can save as much as the equivalent of the weight of one passenger on modern civil aircraft. Released just six months ago, the microComp® Quicklatch is already being used on Airbus A350, A380 and A330 aircraft and Boeing B747, B787 and B777 aircraft. Production of the connector is expected to double each year.


ZS 91 S, ZS 91 SR and ES 91 DL : Inductive sensors for complex applications.

The steute business field »Extreme« provides machine and plant engineers with the new 91 series of robust switchgear that has been designed especially for unfavourable environmental conditions : emergency pull-wire switches, belt-alignment and position switches, »Heavy duty« switchgear. Typical application fields are recycling plants, onshore terminals for bulk material, conveyor technology, and industrial plants for steel production and processing.


sWave® wireless standard allows for modern and flexible production concepts : wireless sensors for industrial Automation

At the Hanover Fair, in addition to electromechanical wireless switchgear working according to the »energy harvesting« principle, the steute business field »Wireless« has introduced a new generation of wireless sensors using the sWave® wireless protocol, developed by steute and running on the 868 / 915 MHz frequency band.


Lockout/Tagout Training Movie on global best practices to reduce incidents

Brady Corporation, a global supplier of industrial safety solutions, has developed a modular training movie for the lockout/tagout safety procedure. The movie is designed to inform and train both safety leaders and employees who may be exposed to hazardous equipment energies. The Lockout/Tagout Global Best Practices Training Movie is available in more than 10 languages.


Power'Control: Control and Supervision of High-Performance Thermal Energy Pools

Power'Control is the name of CIAT's specialised control and supervision tool for your entire energy production system. It is part of CIAT's unique hot and cold thermal Energy pool package and guarantees high levels of performance in all situations. Power'Control takes into account the needs specifically defined for each application and defines, in real time, the right production strategies, the best assignment of tasks and the correct allocation of equipment. It autonomously controls systems of chillers or heat pumps, dry coolers, pumps and other ancillary hydraulic equipment and ensures the most efficient modes of production. Depending on the system combination and the type of application, it improves efficiency by 15 to 30%. Power'Control is designed for applications in tertiary environments, shopping centres, hospitals, hotels and industrial refrigeration systems.


Southco offers vehicle manufacturers high quality & flexible glove box latching solutions

For automotive manufacturers, designing glove box latching applications into new vehicles means finding high quality solutions with low tooling costs that are not only functional but also keep up with the latest design trends and help get the finished vehicle to the market faster. Working closely with automotive OEMs, system integrators and first tier suppliers, Southco has developed a wide range of cutting-edge mechanical and electronic glove box latching solutions.


Quick-release latching enables rapid cab exit in an emergency

Southco’s Ulrike Sturman discusses the importance of fitting quick-release hardware as a means of escape from off-highway and construction vehicles in the event of an emergency

Keyence UK

TM-3000: 2D Optical Micrometre.

First of its kind in the world: this new sensor performs two-dimensional on line measurement with micron precision.

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