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GRAVOGRAPH, the world leader for laser engraving solutions, announces the launch of its new laser solution for marking on metals and plastics: the LS100EX YAG. Made up of a platform that can house an object with a maximum volume of 610 x 305 x 145 mm, coupled with a YAG 12W source, it presents the particular advantage of being able to mark hard or reflecting materials (black or stainless steel, etc.) as well as classic materials. The LS100EX YAG is aimed at applications involving personalization of objects (business gifts, trophies, etc.) and technical marking applications for industrial parts (tools, name plates, instrumentation, metal parts, etc.).


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TF410: The Cost Effective Laser Marking System

The new Technifor TF410, 10watt laser marker is a powerful yet economical alternative to the proven TF420 design. Utilizing cutting edge “Fiber Laser” technology, the TF410 is packaged in a small footprint but performs well in a variety of environments. It is ideal for integration into a production line or as a standalone system utilizing our unique and functional LaserTop workstation.


Jetter Present New High

End Controller


New NKE series single row cylindrical roller bearings

NKE AUSTRIA introduces its new series of single row cylindrical roller bearings. The salient feature of this series is the wide range of variants it comprises: more than 3,000 types are made to order in NKE’s new assembly plant in the Austrian town of Steyr. In addition to being exceptionally flexible, the modular production facility enables very short lead times o­n all products. The applications of the new single row cylindrical roller bearings are as numerous as its variants: they are used in pumps and compressors, mechanical presses, electric motors, gearboxes, traction motors and axle bearings for railway vehicles, in steelworks and many other industrial applications.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

Railway high-speed solutions from SOURIAU

Souriau introduces the first Quadrax-contact connectors on the market intended for railway applications. Invented and patented by Souriau in the 2000s for the aircraft industry and generating sales of several tens of thousands, the Ethernet Quadrax contact is a high-speed contact with high reliability, very easy to use. With 7 dedicated ranges and some hundred different layouts intended for onboard or trackside applications, Souriau offers the most complete range for railways. Several thousand Quadrax contacts have already been sold to the SNCF and to Alstom for new rolling stock or for upgrading.


Faiveley Transport is upgrading CFR’s Görlitz trains in Rumania

Görlitz, now part of the Bombardier group, was a pioneer of double-deck trains in the 1950s. Many of these trains are still in use in Eastern Europe. That is the case in Rumania, where the national company CFR has launched an ambitious upgrade programme. In this project, Faiveley Transport has installed HVAC and CCTV systems for passenger comfort and security and replaced the braking systems in order to achieve 15% to 20% higher operating speeds. Through this contract, involving 140 carriages, Faiveley Transport is proving its capacity to carry out upgrades necessitating substantial engineering work and is placing itself in a good position for taking on other projects of this type.



The new Southco® R4-20 and R4-50 Rotary Latches provide superior performance for use in industrial, agricultural, construction, recreational and off-highway applications. The compact R4-20 offers a robust, space-saving design with both single-stage and two-stage engagement for secure latching. The rugged construction and corrosion-resistant finish of the R4-20 make it a desirable choice for harsh environments. The heavy-duty R4-50 satisfies the requirements of the U.S. FMVSS-206 standard for passenger entry doors and provides rugged design, durable construction and flexible actuation options.



All sectors of industry are being forced to review and re-shape their strategies and operations in order to meet the challenges thrown up by tough market conditions resulting from the economic downturn. In the global off-highway industry, many of the issues facing OEMs and end-users impact on OH vehicles and equipment and necessitate a change in focus in their design, functionality, technology and manufacture.

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