SPACE GAS, with integrated condensation gas burner

CIAT launches Space Gas, a new range of roof-tops with an integrated condensation gas burner. The range covers a variety of power ratings from 60 kW to 142 kW, and is made up of 10 models in cooling-only modes with integrated gas burner, or heat pump with integrated support gas burner, and uses R-410A refrigerant. This equipment is designed to meet the needs of retail and industrial areas.


The new EMCO VERTICAL VT 250 in two additional versions: Vertical Turning machine with integrated automation in European quality

EMCO introduces the maximum version of the EMCO Vertical VT 250 with driven tools, Y axis and hollow spindle drive. Thus EMCO - in cooperation with EMCO Magdeburg - enlarges its product range with two additional versions of the VT 250: VT 250 M (ISM) with driven tools and hollow spindle drive and the VT 250 MY (ISM) with a Y axis on top. Equipped with a hollow spindle drive instead of a belt drive the new two versions perform with a drive power of 29 kW. The VT 250 MY with Y axis offers a travel of 180(+/-90) mm and can stand any competition - not only in regard to the price.

Keyence France


This is without doubt the most complete vision system on the market. Already at top performance levels for speed, resolution, stability and the range of software tools, the XG-7000 Series can now also be programmed in a PC environment. The calculating power is located in a controller dedicated to image processing and not in a PC, thus avoiding problems of overloading and maintainability. This vision system combines flexibility, stability, and performance with simplicity. It can be used by all, for all applications.


Sunlight readable displays for explosion-protected HMI systems

The PC-based, explosion-protected operating systems from the Open HMI series can now, on request, be fitted with innovative 15" displays that reduce glare and reflections to a minimum. The displays of these models can be read easily even in bright sunlight, since a filter pack effectively diverts even strong incoming ambient light. The new solution is based on a very effective combination of polarisation filters placed on top of and behind one another in front of the display.

SIC Marking

C 151 z-a marking machine for the aeronautics market

The C151 z-a series attracted a great deal of attention when it was introduced at the latest AEROMART show, held recently in Toulouse. With its autosensing capability, this marking machine is particularly targeted at the aeronautics industry, offering good repeatability and traceability.


Graphics-capable HMI for harsh environments

The Ludwigsburg-based automation specialist Jetter AG has launched its new JVM-407 graphics-capable HMI, designed especially for use in harsh environments.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies

SOURIAU’s 851 range (Mil DTL 26482 series I), now available in an RoHS version with QPL accreditation

SOURIAU’s black Zinc Nickel version enables users of industrial and aeronautical equipment to comply with the latest RoHS directives. It can guarantee the same electrical and physical characteristics as the cadmium solution, particularly in terms of salt spray resistance (500 hours). In addition, an RoHS Zinc Nickel 851 connector can be mated with a cadmium connector without generating a galvanic couple; the same is true of accessories such as adaptors.

SOURIAU – SUNBANK Connection Technologies


To meet the growing demand for small waterproof connectors for on-board railway equipment, SOURIAU has developed a special connector: the SMS IP. Designed to meet railway standards, the SMS IP combines compactness and safety: IP 67 sealing, operating voltage up to 500 V and compliance with the most demanding fire and smoke standards. SMS IP is intended for on-board applications such as lighting, door controls, detectors, air conditioning programmes, the SMS cabs etc..

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