Building Automation: ProSoft Technology® becomes the exclusive provider of SlotServer Communication Modules, manufactured by FieldServer Technologies

ProSoft Technology®, a leading provider of industrial network communication solutions, announces its appointment as the exclusive provider for the SlotServer product line, manufactured by FieldServer. The SlotServer products provide in-rack connectivity between the Rockwell Automation® ControlLogixTM control platform and an array of Building Automation Systems and Fire Alarm Control Panel protocols.


Electrically insulated rolling bearings from NKE – Protection against bearing damage by current discharge

Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria offers electrically insulated rolling bearings. The special bearings SQ77 feature a built-in electrical insulation, which provides reliable protection against current discharge and the resulting electrical corrosion. Typical applications of electrically insulated rolling bearings are electric motors, generators and other electrical machines.

HMS Industrial Networks AB

Anybus X-gateway lets CANopen devices talk to Profinet

HMS Industrial Networks introduces a new, fast and easy way to connect CANopen-enabled automation devices to Profinet.


Arnold Umformtechnik testing centre boosts customer proximity

With its Fastener Testing Centre, Arnold Umformtechnik offers its customers and other interested parties a full range of services for all aspects of the inspection, testing, measuring and qualification of metallic components. This application-specific division combines high-quality analysis with expert assessment and advice.


Balluff power supply for wind energy equipment

Just in time for the Hanover Exhibition Balluff introduces a new, intelligent, energy-saving power supply especially for use in wind energy equipment. The semi-potted device with an efficiency rating of 93% is designed for high shock and vibration loads and an extremely long service life of nearly 20 years with a MTBF of 800,000 hours. A key feature: this is the first power supply which can be connected directly to the generator voltage without need for an intermediate transformer. Also completely unique are the optical indicators which display the status and condition of the unit. Since it tracks dynamic loads, it can be operated continuously even under high load conditions. This makes reserves of from 30 to 50% no longer needed.


SPACE GAS, with integrated condensation gas burner

CIAT launches Space Gas, a new range of roof-tops with an integrated condensation gas burner. The range covers a variety of power ratings from 60 kW to 142 kW, and is made up of 10 models in cooling-only modes with integrated gas burner, or heat pump with integrated support gas burner, and uses R-410A refrigerant. This equipment is designed to meet the needs of retail and industrial areas.


The new EMCO VERTICAL VT 250 in two additional versions: Vertical Turning machine with integrated automation in European quality

EMCO introduces the maximum version of the EMCO Vertical VT 250 with driven tools, Y axis and hollow spindle drive. Thus EMCO - in cooperation with EMCO Magdeburg - enlarges its product range with two additional versions of the VT 250: VT 250 M (ISM) with driven tools and hollow spindle drive and the VT 250 MY (ISM) with a Y axis on top. Equipped with a hollow spindle drive instead of a belt drive the new two versions perform with a drive power of 29 kW. The VT 250 MY with Y axis offers a travel of 180(+/-90) mm and can stand any competition - not only in regard to the price.

Keyence France


This is without doubt the most complete vision system on the market. Already at top performance levels for speed, resolution, stability and the range of software tools, the XG-7000 Series can now also be programmed in a PC environment. The calculating power is located in a controller dedicated to image processing and not in a PC, thus avoiding problems of overloading and maintainability. This vision system combines flexibility, stability, and performance with simplicity. It can be used by all, for all applications.

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