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Belden’s DuetConnect Hybrid Termination Box Brings Fiber and Copper Together While Protecting Against Damage

Hybrid cable termination is made easier, cleaner and more efficient while also maintaining a separation between copper and fiber.

Belden’s DuetConnect Hybrid Termination Box Brings Fiber and Copper Together While Protecting Against Damage

Belden Inc., a leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitization solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its new DuetConnect Hybrid Termination Box, which allows installers to properly terminate fiber and copper in the same box while safeguarding against damage.

As the demand for downloading and uploading capabilities, clear streaming and immersive experiences are on the rise, fiber infrastructure deployments allow consumers to confidently use online devices without downtime or delays.

Many IoT devices that support these connections, including cameras, optical network terminals (ONTs) and distributed antenna systems (DAS), are being deployed in locations where local power is vital—but isn’t always available or accessible. Installers often support these installations by deploying hybrid cables, which combine fiber (data) and copper (remote power) in one cable.

Before Belden’s hybrid termination box was released, installers had no choice but to install fiber and copper in an enclosure that put exposed fiber at risk of damage when copper conductors were terminated in the same space. Because cables came to the enclosure from any direction, density and termination were also difficult to manage.

The DuetConnect Hybrid Termination Box solves these problems, making hybrid cable termination easy, clean and efficient—all while separating copper and fiber for maximum protection and performance. Multiple cable entry points allow for installation flexibility, and each module can support up to four fibers and four copper conductors.

Network managers can easily add density in the future by simply stacking one DuetConnect Hybrid Termination Box on top of another with up to three stackable boxes, making it faster and easier to juggle the challenges associated with rapid fiber-infrastructure expansion.

“With the DuetConnect Hybrid Termination Box, installers can quickly and easily terminate and separate fiber and copper in a single box, saving time and space. Walls can even be used as conduits for hybrid cable by installing directly onto a junction box or in plenum spaces,” says Sandra Imrazene, fiber systems product manager at Belden.


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