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Moxa USB-IF Certified Hubs Offer Seamless Compatibility Among Wider Range of Industrial Devices

Second Generation UPort USB 3.2 Hubs are 10x Faster than USB 2.0 Hubs.

Moxa USB-IF Certified Hubs Offer Seamless Compatibility Among Wider Range of Industrial Devices

Moxa UPort 400A Series USB 3.2 Industrial Hubs

Moxa Inc., a global leader in industrial communications and networks, is now offering the world’s first industrial USB Hubs certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). With USB 3.2 Gen 1 SuperSpeed 5 Gbps data transmission rates through every port, the new UPort USB 3.2 Series hubs deliver ten times the performance of USB 2.0, even in heavy-load applications.

Depending on the model, Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs can expand a single USB port on a host PC to either four or seven USB ports for seamless communication to a variety of USB upstream (type B) and downstream (type A) devices such as sensors, analyzers, cameras, and other peripherals.

In order to be certified by the USB Implementers Forum, Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs underwent extensive testing for connection, communication and power capabilities. USB-IF certification verifies a number of strict electrical requirements for the SuperSpeed USB operation per the USB 3.2/2.0 specification. As a result, Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs:

  • Support SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 1 for up to 5 Gbps USB transmission.
  • Are fully compliant with interoperability requirements.
  • Have sufficient power for devices to function.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition back to SuperSpeed operation from the suspended state.

Moxa UPort USB 3.2 hubs provide 900 mA power for all ports in compliance with the USB-IF Battery Charging Specification (BC 1.2), allowing for flexible USB expansions without the need for additional adapters. When BC 1.2 support is successfully detected and confirmed by the hub, Port 1 delivers a 1.5 A current to expedite the charging process. With a power range of 12 to 48 VDC, Moxa the hubs are perfect for mobile applications, as well.

In addition to USB-IF certification, Moxa is the only USB-IF certified USB hub with FCC/UL certification to ensure the industrial safety and electromagnetic requirement. Moxa UPort USB hubs are ruggedly engineered for industrial environments, featuring a sturdy metal housing and an expanded operating temperature range of -40° to 85° C (0° to 60° C standard). In order to avoid serious damage from Electrostatic discharge (ESD), the hubs incorporate ESD Level 4 (contact 8 kV, air 15 kV) protection, qualifying them for installation in sensitive medical, industrial and process control operations. Using the extensive diagnostic LEDs and built-in LED indicators (UPort 400A models only), an administrator can quickly check the status of each port independently, saving time and money.

The Moxa UPort USB 3.2 line consists of four 400A Series models and two 200A Series models. The UPort 200A Series is a general-purpose USB 3.2 hub, while the UPort 400A Series is a heavy-duty industrial design. Included in the UPort 400A Series package is a high retention USB cable with a latch and screw lock to prevent accidental disconnection between the hub and the host computer. All hubs can be wall-mounted or installed onto a DIN-Rail for convenient access to the port connections.

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