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Siemens reveals “co-pilot” for flexible low voltage grid management with new Gridscale X software

Siemens unveils its latest Gridscale X offering, LV Management, at Eurelectric’s Power Summit. Embedded with crucial capabilities to actively control the low voltage grid, this represents the first step towards unlocking grid flexibility at scale across planning and operations.

Siemens reveals “co-pilot” for flexible low voltage grid management with new Gridscale X software

Introducing the latest Gridscale X offering: LV Management

  • Gridscale X LV Management software empowers DSOs to take a holistic approach to unlocking grid flexibility at scale – from planning to operations
  • Software acts as an intelligent “co-pilot,” providing step-by-step guidance to prevent low voltage grid instability, reducing outages by 30 percent
  • Enables grid operators to operate the grid closer to its limits and digitalize faster and more efficiently
  • Gridscale X LV Management is part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio

With additional insights and transparency over what is happening on the low voltage grid, operators can use the software as a “co-pilot,” helping them to deal with the increasing complexity and challenges related to low voltage grids.

As the energy transition accelerates, low voltage grids face unprecedented challenges driven by the rapid growth of distributed energy resources and electrification. With the shift towards a prosumer-centric grid with bi-directional power flows, digitalization is essential to manage the grid effectively, ensure stability, and reach net zero.

The latest Gridscale X offering, Gridscale X LV Management, supports Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to manage the grid, taking the first crucial steps towards flexibility management by providing both observability and control features. The continuous and automated steps of detecting, assessing, and acting enables DSOs to quickly leverage untapped grid capacity while maintaining reliability. Consequently, they can reduce model maintenance efforts by 50 percent.

“With Gridscale X LV Management, DSOs can move towards flexible and autonomous grid management. By actively controlling and visualizing the low voltage grid, they can reduce outages by up to 30 percent, stabilize the grid, protect assets, and accelerate grid digitalization,” said Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO Siemens Grid Software.

Gridscale X LV Management includes advanced grid model building capabilities. This allows users to easily create and maintain a validated and consistent grid model, the first step towards creating a digital twin of the grid, significantly reducing complexity and breaking down data silos. The software also provides an intelligent agent – or “co-pilot” – that guides operators through the assessment and resolution of issues. Finally, it supports operators with grid stabilization capabilities to address grid congestion and resolve both unplanned and planned outages easier and faster. It enables DSOs to operate the grid closer to its limits and activate grid flexibility at the low voltage level by leveraging traditional grid assets.

Gridscale X LV Management is part of Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform that enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation easier, faster, and at scale. The software's user-friendly interface and adaptable architecture make it easy to deploy and scale, enabling DSOs to digitalize their low voltage grids quickly and efficiently. Like all Gridscale X products, LV Management provides open interfaces and can thus be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape. Providing state-of-the-art cloud architecture and available as Software as a Service (SaaS), it can be deployed within 12 weeks.


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