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Clean City and HyMove presented the first hydrogen-powered generator for fast charging of EVs in the Netherlands

Clean City and its technology partners HyMove and Venema, presented the ‘GameChanger 1’, the first Off Grid.

Clean City and HyMove presented the first hydrogen-powered generator for fast charging of EVs in the Netherlands

The ‘GameChanger 1’ was created to meet the specific requests of the Port of Livorno, one of the major European hubs for electric vehicles with the ability to simultaneously charge 2 vehicles for a total of 120kW inside the cargo ships.

By the end of 2024 Clean City and its partners will present the ‘GameChanger 2’, the first off-grid on trailer Megawatt charger with 800kW DC power output, that is able to simultaneously charge 4 vehicles or e-trucks with a new standard in Megawatt charging.

Clean City, a Swiss engineering technology company with a strong commitment to a zero-carbon energy transition, has successfully developed the Integrated Multi Generation System (IMGS), an innovative patented off-grid clean hydrogen fuel cell power generation system for fast charging of all types of electric vehicles.

HyMove develops and builds hydrogen fuel cell systems with the highest quality, reliable and safe for clean mobility and stationary power modules. HyMove fuel cell systems have been successfully demonstrated in a variety of applications, such as hydrogen powered buses, vessels, construction and container handling applications.

Venema (VECS) designs and supplies charging systems and battery products. The charging infrastructure in combination with battery storage systems and additional energy carriers, such as hydrogen, can accelerate the energy transition.

“In a scenario of dramatically growing DC energy needs from data centers, artificial intelligence and the related AC network limited transmission capacity, off-grid DC power is predestined to become the true game changer of e-mobility”, Agim Gjinali, founder and CEO of Clean City said. “In the energy production mix of 2050, distributed clean hydrogen fuel cell power generation will have a dominant position.”

Alberto Caetani, COO of Clean City: “We are facing a true revolution; until now, mobile and off-grid solutions had gone in the direction of power banks; battery packs charged from the grid to charge electric vehicles. Clean City brings a real mobile generator capable of charging EVs 24/7 on a continuous cycle to the market. We need to generate new decentralized green energy.”

Theo Hendriks, founder and CEO of HyMove: “With our solutions we contribute to a greener world, and at the same time we reduce the need for huge, long-term investments in the electricity grid, which is increasingly under stress and close to the saturation point; a fundamental support to the Dutch grid, to those in Europe and throughout the world.”

Clean City and HyMove have announced their strategic partnership for the production of 2,000 chargers (vans and containers) to serve all of Europe.

Many guests from all Europe attended the event om 7 May in Arnhem, also Mr. Nicola Procaccini (Member of the EU Commission for Environment, Climate change and Energy) with a video message.


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