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Application-specific magnetic sensors for extreme conditions

EGE-Elektronik introduces MGK magnetic sensors for cryogenic processes in medical technology and beyond, designed for continuous operation at low temperatures as low as -80°C.

Application-specific magnetic sensors for extreme conditions
MGK-type magnetic sensors from EGE-Elektronik detect objects and monitor the opening and closing of flaps and doors in cryogenic processes down to -80 °C

The manufacturer specialized in robust sensor technology for demanding applications offers very short response times for the application-specific adaptation of sensors featuring, for example, increased protection classes, interfaces according to customer requirements or, as here, special materials that can withstand dry cryogenic atmospheres over the long term.

The MGK magnetic sensors are tripped when a magnetic contact comes near them. They are suitable, for example, for detecting, counting or positioning transport containers, flaps, doors or valve positions. The sensing distance is 5...20 mm, depending on the flux density of the magnet. The use of magnetic sensors enables increased sensing distances even at extreme temperatures and temperature profiles that challenge inductive sensors.

They also detect objects through non-magnetic materials such as plastic walls.


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