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Achema 2024: a new mobile drum pump with battery drive

The new B3 Battery from Lutz Pumpen increases safety and flexibility when working with aggressive liquids.

Achema 2024: a new mobile drum pump with battery drive

Automatic pumping of chemicals and high-viscosity oils from canisters, drums and containers in an industrial context without the need to search for sockets and without the trip hazards and short circuits that result from trailing cables. The new B3 Battery from Lutz Pumpen enables safe mobile working with aggressive liquids without the need to compromise on pumping performance compared to cable-connection versions. The battery-operated drum pump, which is quieter than a vacuum cleaner, can be seen between 10 and 14 June 2024 at Achema, the world's leading trade fair for the process industry (Hall 8, Stand K86).

Equipped with a brushless DC motor, the B3 Battery-powered drum pump has an output of 320 watts. This powerful electric motor provides a delivery rate of up to 180 litres per minute and a delivery head of 11.8 metres water column. “In developing the new B3 Battery, we have succeeded for the first time in making the performance of a battery-operated drum pump comparable to that of cable-connected versions,” says Takumi Nasu, Head of Development at Lutz Pumpen GmbH. “This leap in performance makes the new model of the Battery product range especially interesting for industrial applications requiring high delivery rates. The absence of a cable – which can quickly constitute a tripping hazard or cause a short circuit – makes the battery-operated drum pump significantly safer and more flexible.”

Pump up to 5,800 litres electrically with a single battery charge more quietly than a vacuum cleaner
The B3 Battery is extremely simple to operate. The user secures the tubular pump tube in the container via an adapter with a screw cap. Switching on the drum pump activates a high-performance propeller, which generates a flow channel with up to 10,000 revolutions per minute. The liquid flows through the pump tube into a hose and can be dosed manually via a nozzle. An optional flow meter ensures precision.

One battery charge is enough to empty a 200-litre drum 14 times in around 15 minutes. At a lower speed, a 1000 litre IBC container can be pumped out 5.8 times in just under 51 minutes. “With a noise level of just 70 dB (A), lower than that of a vacuum cleaner, the B3 Battery is significantly quieter than many electrically powered pumps currently available on the market,” says Nasu. “This is easy on employees' nerves and prevents fatigue.”

Configured like Lego: Motors can be combined with a number of pump tubes
Lutz Pumpen opted for a modular design in order to enable deployment of the B3 to pump as many different liquid media as possible. This modularity enables combination of a range of individual components: a 1.2 kg motor with removable battery, a pump tube that can be screwed on via a handwheel, a hose and a dosing gun.

For example, the pump tube is available in several versions. Whilst models made of polypropylene (PP) are suitable for low-viscosity acids, sodium hydroxide and ammonia water, those constructed from polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) are deployed with concentrated alkali solutions and acids such as chloric acid and sulphuric acid. Aluminium models on the other hand are used in conjunction with diesel, heating oil and hydraulic oil; our FDA-compliant stainless steel model is deployed with liquids in the food industry. The maximum viscosity of the pumped media is 700 millipascal-seconds (mPas).

The pump tubes are manufactured for use in canisters, drums or containers in the standard immersion depths of 500 mm, 700 mm, 1,000 mm and 1,200 mm. On customer request, Lutz Pumpen also produces lengths between 300 mm and 3,000 mm for special containers and pump sumps. “We also provide the option of combining the modular battery motor with an eccentric screw pump for the pumping of highly viscous media. This is currently unique in the industry.” The B3 Battery can also be combined with hybrid mixing-pumping tubes and patented residual emptying pump tubes. This enables the simultaneous mixing of liquids during the pumping and emptying of drums down to the last tenth of a litre.

The B3 is the newest addition to the Battery product range. Also available are the B1 model with a 70-watt motor for small quantities of up to 20 litres per minute and the B2 with a 260-watt motor for medium-sized quantities of up to 65 litres per minute.


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