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Controller for trouble-free processes in vehicles

Vehicles which are used for industrial purposes, whether transport, warehouse logistics or further tasks, are increasingly developing as moving computers.

Controller for trouble-free processes in vehicles
AI controller NRU-51V+ from Acceed with a Jetson processor and Nvidia module

Their performance is becoming increasingly dependent on the functions of the computer systems used and their peripherals, such as cameras and further sensors. Internal vehicle applications range from vehicle fleet management to navigation and monitoring, all of which are important functions which nobody wishes to relinquish nowadays. The German distributor Acceed offers the new series of compact industrial AI platforms with the name NRU-51V+ for this purpose. The robust and fanless controllers for GMSL2 cameras are tailored precisely to these tasks with their Nvidia high-performance type Jetson Orin or Xavier modules.

During the course of the daily operation of most vehicles, certain environmental conditions exist which cannot be avoided and must therefore be overcome. Thus, for example, transport vehicles drive long daily routes, irrespective of whether they move people or materials. During their journeys, these vehicles may be subjected to rain, snow, cold, heat and further natural influences which a computer used in the vehicle must withstand. In addition to significant temperature fluctuation, vibrations and collisions as well as an unstable electricity supply and data loss belong to the risks.

With the new NRU-51V+ controller from the manufacturer Neousys Technology, Acceed has added a product tailored to these requirements to its portfolio. Neousys specialises in robust embedded systems for data recording and data processing.

The various specifically configurable versions of the NRU-51V+ form a new generation of Jetson-based camera hubs, suitable for industrial application with GMSL2 connectors for automotive cameras and other video systems specialised in spatial object detection. Its fanless operation is supported within a wide temperature range from -25 to +60°C. Direct current connection and integrated ignition control for vehicle and robot applications are enabled by the direct electricity supply with 8 to 35 V. The GPU used is either the Jetson Orin NX or the Xavier NX from Nvidia. Respectively one 10GbE port and one 1GbE port with screw connection are available for the network connection. The internal device mini PCIe base can also be used for a WLAN or 4G/5G module or various storage options.

Thanks to the high efficiency of the Nvidia modules, the NRU-51V+ provides an inference performance of 100 TOPS with electricity consumption of only 25 W. The raw camera images can be transferred via the 10 GbE port to a further GPU server for processing or used directly for the recognition of objects or ROIs in real time thanks to the high TOPS performance. With these features, the NRU-51V+ is not only suitable for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous mobile robots (AMR), but also as an AI inference platform equally for a large number of industrial applications with a large quantity of image data input and required fast data processing.

As an independent distributor, Acceed can take over customer-specific equipping, also for larger quantities.


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