Rollon launches CLT, a new circuit for maximum modularity

Rollon presents CLT, a new modular track to easily create oval, rectangular and square circuits.

Rollon launches CLT, a new circuit for maximum modularity

CLT expands the range of circular solutions of the Rollon by Timken product portfolio that also includes Curviline and Multi-Motion, allowing to achieve the highest degree of customization and performance. Rollon announced the launch of CLT, a modular track that allows to create or remodel oval, rectangular and square circuits. Designed to ensure maximum project freedom, CLT rails enable easy configuration changes through the combination of sliders, curved rails, and straight rails. Its raceways are ground to ensure low friction, smooth movement, and reduced noise. CLT is the optimal solution also for dirty environments, thanks to the possibility of equipping the sliders with wipers. Alternatively, automatic lubrication systems can be integrated through transverse holes that distribute the lubricant directly into the raceways, ensuring low maintenance even under high dynamics and speeds. It finds application in several industries, particularly for the automation of packaging processes in sectors such as food & beverage, medical, and cosmetics.

"They also undergo nitriding heat treatment to achieve high hardness (60 HRC) and corrosion resistance. “CLT is the result of the combined know-how of Nadella and Rollon”, says Andrea Tosi, Chief Technology Officer of Rollon. “It unites the flexibility and high customization level of Curviline – Rollon’s curvilinear rails with ball bearing rollers and the high load and precision capacity of Multi-Motion – Nadella’s curved guides with hardened and ground profiles”.

Technical features

CLT’s curved rails are made of nitrided carbon steel and available in two radii: 165 mm and 302.5 mm. Both are available in 90° and 180° sectors. The straight rails are made from nitrided cold-drawn steel and are available in different lengths: 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm, and 2000 mm. CLT features sliders with an aluminium body with four fixed rollers, preconfigured according to the radius used. The precision rollers are equipped with double-row ball bearings to ensure high load capacities in both axial and radial direction. All rollers are equipped with a splash-proof plastic seal. The guiding rollers, with two contact points on the raceway, are lubricated for life and adjusted to ensure optimum operation. The sliders can be equipped with special slow release felt pads designed so that the felts are always in contact with the raceways, ensuring a perfect lubrication. In addition, it is also possible to equip CLT with an automatic lubrication system, using an automatic pump to lubricate the raceways through the dedicated holes in the guide.

Main advantages of CLT
The rails of CLT are available in stock, ensuring quick delivery. In addition, their modularity allows to quickly and easily create different types of circuits or remodel existing ones. CLT can reach speeds with high acceleration gradients. Its ground raceways ensure low friction and low noise. In addition, the nitriding heat treatment on the guides and the optional wipers allow for very low maintenance over time and optimal cleaning of the raceways, making it a reliable solution in dirty environments.


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