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New "Blue HMI" user interface increases checkweigher efficiency with smart features

Minebea Intec, a leading global manufacturer of industrial weighing and inspection technologies, is setting new standards with its latest innovation, the "Blue HMI" user interface for checkweighers.

New Blue HMI user interface increases checkweigher efficiency with smart features

The interface enables intuitive operation and thus offers maximum user-friendliness. The new generation of Minebea Intec checkweighers can be configured, controlled, tested and audited more easily with Blue HMI.

Dynamic checkweighers are used in various branches of industry, particularly in production and logistics. They are used to detect deviations in the weight of products during the manufacturing or packaging process, to identify faulty products and to ensure compliance with weight regulations and quality standards. Minebea Intec offers a broad portfolio of high-precision checkweighers and, with the new Blue HMI, has further developed the user interface for the entire product range with a view to the future.

Smart functions of the new user interface

Whether you need to introduce a new product, adjust line parameters or define a batch report: The new Blue HMI user interface makes working with checkweighers easier and more efficient. Thorsten Vollborn, Head of Product Management Inspection & Digital Services at Minebea Intec, emphasises the advantages of this technology: "The design concept of Blue HMI is based on what we know from our daily work with high-tech devices. The user-friendly menu navigation and new workflows simplify operation considerably and shorten the familiarisation period.

In addition to user-friendliness, data security and flexibility also take centre stage. For administrators, Blue HMI offers new and extensive setting options for user and group management. To enable ergonomic working on the system, all checkweighers - including the Synus® , Flexus® and EWK product series - are now also available with a movable display variant.

Maximum control
Blue HMI enables advanced monitoring and analysis functions for checkweighers for better quality control and process optimisation. "The operating unit displays the overall system effectiveness and other statistics based on the current weighing results. It also has various logging functions that make it ideal for audits," says Dr Thorsten Vollborn. As checkweighers are often located at the end of a production line, the integrated overall equipment effectiveness provides a clear overview of the efficiency of the production line. All of this is displayed in a new dashboard or "control centre" via new widgets and diagrams.

In addition to the checkweighers, the combined versions of the Vistus® metal detectors also support the new workflows. Here, the clear visualisation improves the complex, but in many industries indispensable, foreign object detection.

Versatile interfaces enable optimum integration into the line
With the new user interface, Minebea Intec fulfils the needs and increases the flexibility of its customers by equipping the checkweighers with flexible interfaces such as industrial fieldbuses, Ethernet/IP, Profinet or the company's own SPC@Enterprise. OPC UA is fully integrated in accordance with specification 40200 (Companion Specification Weighing) and is optionally on board. The interface can also be expanded to include the PackML specification 30050 (Companion Specification PackML according to OMAC). "The new 'Browser Remote View' function particularly demonstrates the advanced technology of the Blue HMI," says Thorsten Vollborn. "Similar to an internet router at home, the interface can be loaded like a website in a browser on an authorised client." The technology used is platform-independent and can therefore be used from any device with a browser, be it a PC, a mobile phone, a tablet or a TV in the meeting room.

The elegant stainless steel housing of the Blue HMI not only stands for durability, but also for easy cleaning and modern aesthetics. These features make it ideal for hygienic industrial environments. With a full HD 15" touch display and a powerful BOX PC, the Blue HMI offers a clear and detailed display.

Familiar state-of-the-art technology
The electronics of the new generation of scales have also been completely revised. The in-house Minebea Intec load cells are also used in all systems. This not only offers many advantages for high-speed applications, but also improves the service of the systems. All checkweighers are approved for legal-for-trade operation and therefore support customers in the legally compliant manufacture of food products.

With over 75 years of experience in building checkweighers, Minebea Intec has developed the perfect assistant for customers' daily dynamic weighing tasks and compliance with regulations. The new generation is based on the familiar and proven design, combined with proprietary load cells and a brand new user interface, at the heart of every checkweigher. The new Blue HMI not only controls the machine, but transforms final inspection into a new way of optimising production.


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