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2 in 1: Diagnostics Tester and Test Adapter for AC Charging Points

Launching PROFITEST H+E EXPERT CHECK, Gossen Metrawatt introduces a robust diagnostic tester corresponding to measurement category CAT III 300 V for standard-compliant functional testing of AC charging stations in accordance with DIN EN/IEC 61851-1 (VDE 0122-1).

2 in 1: Diagnostics Tester and Test Adapter for AC Charging Points
Two in one: the compact handheld PROFITEST H+E EXPERT CHECK for AC charging points can be used as a diagnostic tester and test adapter

The handheld tester enables electricians to quickly and reliably test the functionality, electrical safety and personal protection of 1- and 3-phase AC charging points in charging mode 3 on a type 2 socket or a permanently connected type 2 cable. As a unique selling proposition in this product class, the device provides standard-compliant testing of PE interruptions with graphical display of measured values.

The functional range includes the verification of vehicle states A, B, C and D; phase tests and phase sequence tests; diode testing; evaluation of the PWM signal for data communication and abortion of the charging process during short-circuit simulation as well as determination of battery charging levels.

In combination with installation testers from the PROFITEST MF or PROFITEST MASTER IQ series, the device can also be used as a test adapter for electrical testing of the charging infrastructure thanks to its measuring inputs and earthing contact socket. In addition to the charging function tests, all relevant safety tests can also be carried out in this combination, including, for example, low-impedance continuity of the conductors, insulation resistance, tripping of the residual current circuit breaker (RCD/FI), 6-mA sensors and loop and internal mains resistance. Measured values and test results are shown in plain text on the device display.


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