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Marine Devices from Winmate Powered by Tiger and Elkhart Lake Processors available from Impulse Embedded

Marine environments demand durability to withstand some of the most severe conditions that naval workstations and vessels may face, including extreme temperatures, high levels of humidity, and volatile ocean turbulence that can cause shock and vibration.

Marine Devices from Winmate Powered by Tiger and Elkhart Lake Processors available from Impulse Embedded

When choosing a ruggedised Panel PC for marine use, it is important to assess the specific needs and environmental conditions of the application to ensure optimal performance and longevity of equipment. Winmate, who have a rich 25-year history of manufacturing in the marine market, provide many robust solutions that are marine-certified.

Winmate participated in the China International Maritime Technology Conference and Exhibition in December last year, where they presented a range of their marine Panel PCs, including W12IE3S-MRB1FP and W15IE3S-MRB1FP.

Ruggedised Equipment for Intense Conditions
Marine environments pose unique challenges for electronic equipment due to factors such as saltwater exposure, humidity, vibration, temperature fluctuations, and the potential for mechanical impact. To ensure reliable operation in such harsh conditions, electronics equipment intended for marine use undergoes ruggedisation, which involves designing and manufacturing electronic devices to withstand the harsh conditions of marine applications.

Ruggedisation is essential for marine electronics to operate reliably and provide safety and performance in navigation systems, communication equipment, and control systems on vessels. For durable marine devices such as Panel PCs, Winmate provide a number of robust solutions.

Charting Innovation with Winmate’s Marine Devices
Winmate’s newest marine Panel PCs are powered by the Intel® Elkhart Lake Pentium® N6415 processor. Each PC has a front-facing IP66 rating that ensures resilience against water and dust, making it an ideal solution for vessels and offshore applications. Each of these PCs has 4GB DDR4 memory and 256GB M.2 SSD, with two GbE ports, two USB ports, and two COM ports that provide versatile connectivity options for integration with various marine systems. Their wide voltage input range of 9V to 36V DC ensures stability in the power supply, accommodating the fluctuating conditions often experienced at sea.

The core difference between each model is its dimensions, brightness, and resolution. The different models are outlined below with their screen specifications:

Marine Devices from Winmate Powered by Tiger and Elkhart Lake Processors available from Impulse Embedded
Each device is expected to have the DNV/IEC60945 certificate by Q2 2024.

I330EAC-ITW Embedded Computer
In addition to their Panel PCs, Winmate also offer a range of embedded PCs designed for marine use. This includes the I330EAC-ITW, which is powered by the fanless Intel Tiger Lake Core i5-1135G7 processor and is certified with both DNVGL-CG-0339 and IEC60945 standards.

Marine standards are incorporated to ensure that any devices or electrical equipment used on and offshore are thoroughly tested ahead of use, ensuring both performance and safety.

The I330EAC-ITW features 4GB DDR4L RAM and a removable 2.5” SSD drive bay, which enhances its customisability for flexible storage options. Its fanless cooling system increases its durability by removing a common point of failure often found in systems that rely on fans, which can introduce dust and water ingress to the inner electricals. By using an alternative to fans, the device is further fortified for resilience and longevity in marine environments.

Smooth Sailing with Rugged Marine Devices
Impulse Embedded’s engineers and specialists can help to meet the unique challenges of computing, control, and communications in marine and subsea applications. Many of their marine panel PCs are pre-certified with DNV and 60945, making them ready for deployment off the shelf. Impulse can also customise any marine display to suit any particular application, no matter how challenging.


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