PELLOBY Cranes and VERLINDE hoists installed following Kelvion warehouse fire

A selection of VERLINDE EUROBLOC electric wire rope hoists and EUROCHAIN power travel electric chain hoists have been installed in conjunction with a series of PELLOBY cranes as part of a reconstruction process at a busy warehouse that was severely damaged by a fire.

PELLOBY Cranes and VERLINDE hoists installed following Kelvion warehouse fire
The site in Fareham which is owned by Kelvion, a leading manufacturer of heat transfer products such as plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, finned-tube heat exchangers, modular cooling towers, and refrigeration heat exchangers, became engulfed in a huge blaze overnight during March 2014. As a result, a fifth of the company’s facility was rendered completely unusable. However, today the factory is up and running again thanks to large-scale rebuilding work that has included the installation of several VERLINDE hoists mounted to single girder travelling cranes designed, produced and supplied by UK manufacturer, PELLOBY.

In total, five overhead cranes were supplied, all spanning the factory width of 12,543mm. The three highest load capacity cranes all feature VERLINDE electric wire rope hoists. Two EUROBLOC VT3 models offering 10 tonne safe working load, 320mm wide flange settings and 6m lift height were joined by six EUROBLOC VT2 low headroom models with 5 tonne safe working load, 320mm wide flange settings and 9m lift height.

The two lighter duty PELLOBY cranes feature two VERLINDE EUROCHAIN VR12 power travel electric chain hoists with 1 tonne safe working load, 5.5m lift height and a trolley to suit a 356mm x 171mm x 67kg UB (universal beam). Also supplied for use on the lighter duty cranes were six VERLINDE EUROCHAIN VR5 power travel electric chain hoists with 500kg safe working load, 5.5m lift height and a trolley to suit a 305mm x 165mm x 46kg UB.

All of the travelling cranes/hoists span across adjacent gantry supports which run the length of the building, providing lifting and manoeuvring capability to practically every inch of the warehouse. The cranes are used to transport Kelvion’s bulky heat transfer products between stations so that further engineering work can be performed. As the cranes vary in capacity from 500kg to 10 tonnes, each of the VERLINDE hoists is either remote or pendant controlled, thus giving operators the utmost in control when handling these items. All hoists also feature travel limit switches.

Kelvion’s Production Manager, Ryan Davis, says that PELLOBY was the natural choice of supplier to replace the beam cranes in the warehouse.

“Kelvion have worked with PELLOBY for many years and are well aware of their product quality. They not only supplied the old beam cranes that were damaged in the fire, but have also produced various monorail and jib cranes for other buildings at our Fareham site.”

PELLOBY Cranes and VERLINDE hoists installed following Kelvion warehouse fire

Company Profile:
Pelloby Ltd. are one of the UK’s leading crane manufacturers, having designed and produced reliable lifting equipment for use worldwide since 1968.

Their product range covers everything from simple hoists and small jibs, to large overhead and gantry cranes. They also produce bespoke special cranes and complex automated handling systems.

Dealing with both trade clients and end users directly, Pelloby project manage each order from quotation through to delivery, installation and final commissioning.

Pelloby also offer preventative maintenance contracts, operator training, inspections and breakdown support.

Call Pelloby on +44 (0) 1952 586626 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free quotation.
For more information visit: www.pelloby.com

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