Komatsu Europe announces new PW168-11 and PW198-11 wheeled excavators

The PW168 and PW198 expand the range of the successful short-tail wheeled excavators in the 16-20t operating weight class.

Komatsu Europe announces new PW168-11 and PW198-11 wheeled excavators
With the PW168-11 and PW198- 11 wheeled excavators Komatsu expands its product range of short-tail models, rounding up the operating weights of these popular machines up to 20 tonnes.

The new machines are compact and easy to transport, powerful, comfortable, versatile, reliable and durable, as per the most frequently expressed customer requests, which led to their development. Precisely tailored to these requests, the two newly developed machines are now rolling out into operation.

Komatsu Europe announces new PW168-11 and PW198-11 wheeled excavators

Easy to transport and compact dimensions
You can quickly transport your new Komatsu wheel excavators to the next construction site without needing a special low-bed trailer, and work with them in narrow, limited space. With a low transportation height of just 3.1m, transport on standard low-bed trailers with a loading height of up to 4m is possible. The short rear overhang of 1.85m (PW168-11) or 1.9m (PW198-11) is ideal for narrow construction sites.

Equipped with 4-cylinder Komatsu diesel engines (110kW or 129kW), the new short-tail wheeled excavators dig, lift and pull away almost anything on your job site. These engines meet the current EU Stage V emissions standards and are factory supplied with environmentally friendly HVO Diesel fuel as standard. The unique machine design with an optimized boom and rear engine enables enormous lifting performance to move heavy loads easily.

Outstanding ride and driver comfort
The active driving performance of the new models is also impressive. Thanks to a low center of gravity, the machines feel stable on any road. The new premium seat with multi-stage ventilation and seat heating is particularly comfortable. All-important functions can be operated via the joysticks, and the excellent all-round visibility is supported by four cameras with a bird's eye view as standard.

Versatile and flexible
As a key machine, the mobile excavator is increasingly being used with a tiltrotator and 3D guidance system. The new models are open to any kind of system and are prepared for use with a tiltrotator as well as for 3D guidance systems. With useful extras such as joystick steering, tool control management or trailer coupling, the PW168 and PW198 can be optimally prepared for tough construction sites.

Reliable and durable
The new Komatsu diesel particle filters, which are replaced only after 8,000 hours, enable long, uninterrupted work. Exhaust gas treatment is carried out fully automatically, without disrupting the workflow. Stable and robustly built, all maintenance points are centralized and easily accessible from ground level behind steel flaps. All important functions are displayed as standard via the machine monitor and the Komtrax fleet management system.

All innovations at a glance:
• Two new, additional Komatsu wheeled excavator models (PW168 & PW198)
• Easy to transport: Compact dimensions and low transport height
• Powerful Komatsu engines with 110kW (PW168) and 129kW (PW198)
• Clean and environmentally friendly: Komatsu diesel particulate filter with 8000h replacement interval
• Versatile use: Preparation for tiltrotator use and mounting points for machine control sensors
• Many useful options available from factory

Technical data:

Komatsu Europe announces new PW168-11 and PW198-11 wheeled excavators


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