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NKE Austria is recertified to ISO

Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH has again passed the ISO audit. The certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 apply to the introduction and implementation of a management system for the areas of product development, engineering, production and sales and marketing of bearings.

NKE Austria is recertified to ISO
Quality and occupational safety are the highest priority at bearing manufacturer NKE’s factory in Steyr

The audits were conducted in May 2022 at NKE’s headquarters in Steyr by the certification body TÜV SÜD Landesgesellschaft Österreich GmbH.

NKE was already awarded ISO 9001 certification at the time of its foundation in 1996, which assesses companies’ quality management with the aim of improving their performance. The ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management, to which NKE was first certified in 2000, assesses their programmes for promoting environmental protection and preventing environmental stress. Initial certification is followed up with regular monitoring audits and checks, and a recertification audit is conducted every three years.

“Once again, NKE has met all criteria of the standards with no non-conformances," “As a manufacturer of premium bearings and supplier to the largest industrial OEMs, quality and occupational safety are of paramount importance to us. Through our strategic focus on sustainable industries such as wind power or rail transport, we also consider it a moral obligation to pursue the cause of environmental protection and environmental management. Certification in these standards strengthens and confirms our efforts in these areas, of which we are very proud," says Matthias Ortner, NKE’s Managing Director.

NKE Austria is recertified to ISO
NKE Austria was recertified to ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in May 2022

“NKE is committed to making the transition to a more sustainable (bearings) world“, “Our mission is to become a leading driver of innovation in environmentally friendly sectors such as wind energy or rail transport. We intend to put this into practice on the basis of the powerful branding statement ‘Made in Austria'," says Ortner.

NKE produces standard and special bearings for all industrial applications. Engineering, product development, production and final processing of components, assembly, quality assurance, logistics, and sales and marketing are centralised at its Steyr headquarters. In addition to product development and application engineering, NKE provides a full range of technical services, consulting, documentation and training. NKE’s products are distributed through 12 international offices and more than 240 distribution outlets in 80 countries.


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