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Dentex FL from R+L Hydraulics: Torsionally rigid flange couplings for combustion engine drives

R+L Hydraulics GmbH in Werdohl, Germany, offers Dentex FL series flange couplings to connect engines to pumps and other industrial applications. Designed with industry-standard SAE mounting dimensions, the coupling assembly uses a polyamide flange with reinforced threaded bores and a steel hub.

Dentex FL from R+L Hydraulics: Torsionally rigid flange couplings for combustion engine drives
Dentex FL series torsionally rigid flange coupling from R+L Hydraulics with SAE flywheel adapter.

Dentex FL couplings feature excellent electrical insulating properties and high thermal stability. They are maintenance-free and easy to mount in limited spaces. These couplings compensate for both longitudinal and angular misalignments. High torsional stiffness helps them effectively suppress coupling-induced resonances.

A typical installation for Dentex FL couplings is between a diesel engine and a hydraulic pump. The coupling allows a pass-fitting connection between the engine flywheel and pump shaft. The pump is centred via an SAE housing. The glass-fibre reinforced polyamide flanges of the coupling conform to SAE mounting dimensions for conventional combustion engines, but special flanges can be made on request. Hubs are secured by various fixing methods such as grub screws or hub clamps. Radial tensioning guarantees a backlash-free fit on the pump shaft.

Dentex FL couplings are suitable for both horizontal and vertical shaft connections. Quick and easy to mount, an axial plug assembly permits blind mounting. A narrow design makes them ideal for tight spaces. The glass-fibre reinforced polyamide flange withstands temperatures up to +120 °C and resists all market-standard lubricants and hydraulic fluids.

Requiring no lubrication, the steel-plastic combination makes the coupling maintenance free. Dentex FL series flange couplings come in various hub designs, with bore or splining from 20 mm to 80 mm and flanges from SAE 6.5 to SAE 11.5. Special sizes are also available.

R+L Hydraulics develops, engineers and produces a broad range of components for fluid and power transmission technologies, including industrial couplings and hydraulic accessories such as test couplings, jaw couplings, bell housings and cooler bell housings, damping elements, aluminium tanks, heat exchangers and coolers. The products are used in a wide range of applications in machine building, shipbuilding and automotive, energy and environmental technology, in the steel and offshore industries and plant engineering.


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