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New M12 X-Code cable assembly from TE Connectivity equipped to handle maximum Ethernet speeds for more reliable, high-quality data transmission.


TE Connectivity, a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is launching the M12 X-Code cable assembly as it continues to build a complete M8/M12 connector portfolio. This portfolio adds to TE’s current offering, focusing on sensor applications, data supports, and industrial communication.

Higher speeds with higher quality

M12 X-Code cables are a type of category 6A cable (CAT6A), which are standardized twisted pair cables for Ethernet and other network layers that can handle up to 10Gbps of data. The demand for these high speeds will continue to drive advances in connector design, especially in applications where there is a need for extremely accurate data. These applications include data acquisition, vision systems and cameras — the latter of which require the ability to capture and transmit very precise data of a moving force in order to operate productively.

In order to withstand the high data speeds, and the subsequent heat created by those speeds, CAT6A cables have significant shielding and cable twist requirements. The M12 X-Code connector was specifically designed to handle these requirements by separating channel pairs and increasing the amount of shielding within the connector itself.

“X-Code connector technology is experiencing quite the uptick in interest,” says Sofia Sevastidou, product manager at TE Connectivity. “There is a significant move industry-wide to deploy Category 6A cables throughout factory floors because companies are looking for higher network speeds and more reliable, high-quality data transmissions. The new M12 X-Code cables support this industry deployment.”

Equipment manufacturers are beginning to utilize the increased bandwidth CAT6A cables like the M12 X-Code can afford — up to 10 Gbps. The connector’s enclosure rating of IP67 also ensures waterproof protection, so the unit remains protected and fully operational within industrial applications.

Filling a market need

In order to work in smaller, more confined spaces, there was a need in the market for manufacturing a part for CAT6A cables with a right angle M12 connector. Because CAT6A cables uses a 500Mhz bandwidth, a right-angle configuration causes significant problems with signal integrity. TE overcame this challenge with its overmold process — ultimately producing M12 X-Code that fills this gap in the market.

TE’s product portfolio is further complemented with overmolded M12 X-Code to RJ45 assemblies, which are key components to an overall Industrial Ethernet application and designed for connection within control cabinets, machinery and in-the-field operations. This further simplifies the concurrent use of both connector types (M12 and RJ45) within a single system.

The M12 X-Code cable assembly is ideal for industrial communications, industrial machinery, robotics, material and industrial control and factory automation applications.

Additional features
  • 360 degrees shielding provides enhanced EMI performance, resulting in secured signal connections and data transmission.
  • PUR & TPE cables for demanding applications such as drag chain and torsion application environments.
  • PVC cable provides a competitive and economic solution for occasional movement or vibration.
  • Oil and UV resistance resistant for applications in UV and oil industrial applications.

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