TB4600: Heat-proof measuring equipment for vacuum furnaces

Thermal barriers for sustained high-temperature operation

TB4600: Heat-proof measuring equipment for vacuum furnaces
DATAPAQ's TB4600 range of thermal barriers is designed to provide long-term protection for data loggers even under extremely tough conditions. Designed specifically for operation in vacuum furnaces, the thermal barriers are suitable for extremely high temperatures up to 1,200 °C. They withstand repeated heating and cooling cycles, thereby providing maximum protection for the data logger. Their design is based on an ultra high-temperature grade of alumina-reinforced microporous insulation and a phase-change heat sink – both ensure that the data logger can operate below a safe 70 °C level. Manufactured from high-grade reinforced Inconel, the thermal barrier casing will resist distortion during repeated use at elevated temperatures above 950 °C. Furthermore, strengthening on both the lid and the base of the casing ensures a positive barrier seal. The TB4600 series barriers are equipped with internal gas flow vents to rapidly equalize the change from vacuum to high pressure gas quenching. Externally removable gas quench deflector shields and taper lock catches minimize distortion during rapid cooling periods, thus ensuring a long service life. The heat sink surrounding the data logger is fitted with high pressure filler seals to resist the high pressures experienced during gas quenching.

Figure: Thermal barriers from DATAPAQ's TB4600 series withstand temperatures up to 1,200 °C

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